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April, 22nd 2021

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SMM Non Ferrous Metals Annual Reports (March 19, 2015)

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£ 2008.00

The SMM Annual reports is a collection of 6 Chinese non ferrous annual reports, offering a comprehensive overview of core data, trends and statistics for each base metal. 

Here's a list of all the non ferrous reports: 

Name Price Pages Charts Tables Highlights
China Copper Market Report 2014-2015 3,000$ 90 87 8

SMM exclusive surveys on copper concentrate TCs, and operating rates and inventories in copper-related sectors.

SMM statistics on new capacities in China’s copper smelting and fabricating sectors.

China Aluminum Industry Chain Report 2014-2015 3,000$ 158 166 13 Comparisons of bauxite capable of replacing Indonesian bauxite in 2015, aluminum capacity cuts in China were followed by resumptions in 2014: will high spot aluminum premiums in global market sustain in 2015? China encourages use of aluminum alloy wire & cable
China Lead Market Report 2014-2015 3,000$ 153 71 25 SMM surveys on new lead concentrate capacities in China, china primary lead capacity change 2008-2014, China’s primary lead output presents the first decline in five year in 2014, what are the factors behind this production decline? SMM survey on China secondary lead output and capacities
China Zinc Industry Chain Research Report 2014-2015 3,000$ 149 87 25 China new zinc smelting capacities 2014 and capacity change 2013-2014, China new zinc concentrate capacities and influence of the capacity expansion, reasons behind massive maintenance in China’s zinc smelting industry against rising zinc prices in H1 2014. Will the maintenance operation continue into 2015?
China Nickel Industrial Chain Report 2014-2015 3,000$ 66 10 14 LME nickel prices experienced a roller-coaster drive in 2014, spiking to USD 22,000/mt from USD 14,000/mt before pulling back to USD 18,500/mt. NPI production in China may fall less than expected as raw material supply remained sufficient. LME nickel inventories kept rising, and nickel prices slumped below USD 15,000/mt in October.
2014 China Secondary Lead Annual Report 3,000$ 145 119 27

SMM Exclusive Analysis-Costs of Qualified and Illegal Secondary Lead Smelters.

SMM Exclusive Survey – Capacity at China Top 7 Secondary Lead Production Regions and New Capacity Expected in 2015

SMM Exclusive Prediction – Trading Activities in Secondary Lead Market to Increase in 2015. SMM Review – Operating Rate and Inventories at Secondary Lead Smelters in 2014