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January, 19th 2020

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Energy News: Today’s top stories from Kallanish Energy

China agrees to buy more U.S. energy, despite tariffs
Jan 17
Low oil prices, trade dispute deal to support demand growth: IEA
Jan 17
Nearly one-third of states oppose Trump's LNG-by-rail rules
Jan 17
Germany agrees on $45B in compensation for coal phase out
Jan 17
Crude jumps as trade deal spurs energy demand hopes
Jan 17

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Kallanish Energy

Kallanish Energy is the sister publication to Kallanish Steel and provides steel professionals with a detailed look at the energy markets enabling them to make better business decisions, understand their input costs, and spot market opportunities.

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Kallanish Energy is a daily energy news publication offering detailed and insightful coverage on the North America, South American, and European Oil and Gas markets, focusing on Natural Gas, Unconventionals, Crude Oil.