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December, 3rd 2021

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Europe Steel Markets 2021 Virtual Conference

Steel June 16, 2021 2 days 395.0
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Virtual Conference

Like everyone else, we look forward to when the steel industry can gather in person once again. Until then, we will continue to bring you the very best conference programmes in a virtual formant. Kallanish events are supported by renowned industry expert speakers, covering the latest trends and market developments with thought-challenging analysis, and working strategies.

The Kallanish virtual event platform is designed to support face-to-face networking, personalised agendas, downloadable contact lists, the ability to engage with speakers via live Q&As and polls, and the option to re-watch sessions on-demand soon after each session.

The 6th annual Europe Steel Markets 2021 virtual conference was hold on 16-17th June.

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Our dedicated virtual networking platform will enable you to engage in face to face meetings, send messages and contact requests and schedule meetings in advance with industry peers expected to attend the virtual conference.

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EUROMETAL is the European federation of steel tubes and metals distribution and trading. The roots of EUROMETAL date back to 1950, when the European Community for Coal and Steel was created by Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. EUROMETAL members are national federations of steel, metals and tubes distribution as well as distribution, SSC and trading companies having cross border activities in European OECD countries.



Since its establishment in 1928, NASS has been successfully working to promote the interests of steel service centres throughout the UK. NASS is the only trade association covering the whole of the UK steel stockholding industry. NASS members supply steel to UK manufacturing and are a vital link in the supply chain from producer to customer, handling some 8 million tonnes of steel a year, principally to the construction, automotive and engineering industries.


MESTEEL is a Middle East b2b steel portal, providing buyers and sellers with, an in-depth database, steel offers, inquiries, news, jobs, information, events.

Europe Steel Markets 2021 Virtual Conference June 16, 2021

Note: All times displayed in CET – Central European Time 

  • 11:00

    Session 1: Global & European steel industry – debating the big issues

    2020 was one of the most challenging years ever for the steel industry. The first half of the year was characterised by an unprecedented halt in production, then by rapid demand recovery, low inventories, extended mill lead times, and soaring prices. This trend has continued into 2021 with steel prices repeatedly smashing record highs, resulting in the focus of sales discussions switching from price to volume and lead times. Opinion is split -- are these conditions set to continue for the remainder of the year or will end-use buyers simply stop ordering and prices will come off? Similarly, iron ore and steel scrap prices have surged to levels not seen in almost a decade. China’s return to international scrap markets, coupled with its huge EAF capacity expansion could disrupt raw materials markets further. Closer to home, EU safeguard measures are due to expire at the end of June -- will they be extended, replaced or allowed to expire? As multiple factors shift trade patterns and the European steel sector embraces decarbonisation and ‘green steel’ initiatives, what is the outlook for European steel? What strategies are European steel participants adopting this year? What do producers, processors and traders expect for the remainder of 2021 and beyond?

    • Moderator:Emanuele Norsa, Managing Editor Southern Europe, Kallanish Steel
    • Henrik Adam, CEO, Tata Steel Europe
    • Antonio Marcegaglia, Chairman & CEO, Marcegaglia
  • 12:15

    Networking break

  • 13:00

    Session 2: Europe in the global context - safeguard measures, production & supply gaps

    Increasing trade barriers have characterised global steel markets in recent years and this trend of steel market regionalisation is expected to continue for years to come. In 2019 the sector was hit by a slow-down in end-user demand, which was further exacerbated by the coronavirus pandemic in 2020. Since the latter half of 2020 demand recovery has seen steel prices more than double. Today, European steel demand outstrips supply, and producers enjoy record margins. Those further down the supply chain struggle to pass on costs or replenish inventories. Domestic supply has been further compounded by ongoing uncertainty regarding Liberty Steel's financing, and at Ilva over the 50-50 public-private partnership delays. Therefore, market participants eagerly await news on the status of European safeguard measures which are set to expire at the end of June. Will they be extended, replaced or allowed to expire? With higher climate ambitions for 2030 and 2050 will the proposed carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM) protect European steel? And what is the expected impact of CBAM on imports and exports? Our panel of experts will offer their views on the challenges and opportunities facing the European steel sector, with a specific focus on production, trade and policy.

    • Moderator:Emanuele Norsa, Managing Editor Southern Europe, Kallanish Steel
    • Dick Sands, Managing Director Distribution, Stemcor
    • Daniel Guinabert, Secretary General, Eurometal
    • Karl Tachelet, Director International Affairs, Eurofer
    • Dr Veysel Yayan, Secretary General, TCUD
  • 14:15

    Networking break

  • 15:00

    Session 3: The future of steel - decarbonisation & sustainability challenges

    With much uncertainty in the long-term macro-economic environment, and higher sustainable climate ambitions within Europe’s steel industry, making firm forecasts on the future of steel is almost impossible. Nevertheless, many regional steelmakers have announced ambitious plans to cut emissions by 2030 and beyond. Various technologies for steelmaking decarbonisation are already available or are coming online soon, including Carbon Direct Avoidance (hydrogen and electricity-based steelmaking), Carbon Capture and Storage, and Carbon Capture Usage. These technologies will result in higher production costs for European steel. Is there sufficient policy support and regulatory framework in place to make the transition economical? What must be done to ensure a level playing field for the entire supply chain. How close is European steel to securing an economically viable supply of hydrogen for hydrogen steelmaking? Will the recent jump in Emissions Trading System carbon prices spur steelmakers into making decarbonisation investments? In this panel, industry experts will discuss these questions and more on the future of the European steel and the influences from global developments and sustainability challenges.

    • Moderator:Adam Smith, Managing Editor, Kallanish
    • Thomas Hörnfeldt, Vice President Sustainable Business and Public Affairs, SSAB
    • Stefano Maggiolino, President & CEO, Tenova HYL
  • 11:00

    Session 4: Key markets beyond Europe - demand growth, capacity investment & trade flows

    As market fundamentals have changed since the end of 2020, we bring together the Kallanish regional editors to share updates on market developments in the key steelmaking countries and regions of China, Southeast Asia, India, CIS, Turkey, and USA. How is demand growth and capacity investment developing in these regions? With low inventories and extended mill lead times, overcapacity has not been a topic much discussed in recent months. However, as overcapacity is set to increase in most regions of the world, how will this dynamic play out in the months and years ahead? In addition, trade barriers continue to be central in today’s market and a change in this situation is not expected anytime soon. The Kallanish editorial team will analyse how key steelmaking regions are meeting the current challenges of market recovery, capacity investment and changing steel trade flows.

    • Moderator:Paul Mullins, Director, Kallanish
    • Tomas Gutierrez, Managing Editor Asia, Kallanish Steel
    • Adam Smith, Managing Editor, Kallanish
    • Katya Ourakova, Journalist, Kallanish Steel
    • Dan Hilliard, Managing Editor North America, Kallanish Steel
  • 12:15

    Networking break

  • 13:00

    Session 5: Steel making input costs – the freight and raw materials rollercoaster

    Since Q4 2020 the raw materials markets have exploded. Iron ore and steel scrap have recorded dramatic price growth mirroring steel price rises. Iron ore has hit record highs not seen since the height of China’s post-financial crisis stimulus. Scrap, meanwhile, has been tightened further by the return of China to the international market. Raw material prices continue to outperform most expectations. Meanwhile, freight rates sit at decade highs due to economic and industrial recoveries, adding an extra layer of risk and cost to international trade flows. With steel prices and demand and freight rates at record highs, and inventories low, what can we expect for international scarp and iron ore markets? Are these prices sustainable or have they reached levels that may never be seen again? Is resource security sparking another wave of resource nationalism? Analysts and market observers will debate the current and future state of freight, iron ore and steel scrap demand, volumes and prices. 

    • Moderator:Tomas Gutierrez, Managing Editor Asia, Kallanish Steel
    • Alexis Ellender, Director, Simpson Spence Young
    • Ian Roper, CEO, SMM
    • Burcak Alpman, Journalist, Kallanish Steel
    • Alain Eeckman, Commercial Director, Casier Recycling
  • 14:15

    Networking break

  • 15:00

    Session 6: Steel outlook – demand, volumes & price

    Global steel demand continues to outperform expectations with many market observers expecting 2021 and beyond to continue the strong recovery trend. Since the latter half of 2020 demand recovery has seen steel prices more than double. With extended mill lead times, low inventories, decade-high freight rates, and unprecedented fiscal stimulus, what can we expect for the global and European steel industry? Are these steel prices sustainable? Could these high prices force consumers to reduce or temporarily stop buying at some point? In this session, analysts and market observers will debate the current and future state of steel demand, volumes and prices in Europe.

    • Moderator:Adam Smith, Managing Editor, Kallanish
    • Martin Stillger, Martin Stillger, Chairman & CEO, thyssenkrupp Materials Services
    • Laurent Plasman, Head of Operational Marketing, ArcelorMittal Europe Flat
    • Alessandro Fossati, CEO, Gama Trade

Europe Steel Markets 2021 Virtual Conference June 16, 2021

Dr Henrik Adam, CEO, Tata Steel Europe

Henrik was appointed Chief Executive Officer of Tata Steel in Europe in 2019. In addition, he took on the responsibilities of the Chief Technical Officer and the Chief Commercial Officer following a reorganisation of the company’s Executive Committee in 2021. Before joining Tata Steel in 2011 as Chief Commercial Officer, Henrik was CEO of thyssenkrupp Electrical Steel and a Member of the Board of Eisen- und Hüttenwerke AG, the stock exchange listed holding company for the tinplate and electrical steel businesses of thyssenkrupp. Prior to this, he held a wide range of responsibilities for various functions at thyssenkrupp. Born in Essen in Germany, Henrik is a mechanical engineer by education, who has specialised in the field of automotive engineering, notably in the application of materials in vehicle design. He started his career in 1991 as a scientist in vehicle safety technologies before becoming Managing Director of a German engineering services consultancy company. Outside of companies he has worked for, Henrik has held various board member and non-executive director positions.

Antonio Marcegaglia, Chairman and CEO, Marcegaglia Group

Antonio Marcegaglia was born in Mantua in 1963, and after graduating from Bocconi University in Milan, he immediately began an upward career in the family business.  Starting from 1991, he leads the internationalization process of the group. In October 2013, he was appointed Chairman and CEO of Marcegaglia SpA. With corporate restructuring in 2015, he also became Chairman and CEO of Marcegaglia Carbon Steel, Marcegaglia Specialties, and Marcegaglia Plates, which make up the group’s core business. Today, wholly controlled by Marcegaglia Steel, with Antonio Marcegaglia as Chairman and CEO, these companies – 6,500 employees in 28 plants, bringing in overall revenues of 5.5 billion euros in 2020 – are an industrial and financial asset with a global presence.

Martin Stillger, Chairman & CEO, thyssenkrupp Materials Services

Martin studied mechanical engineering at the Cologne University of Applied Sciences (graduate engineer). He joined thyssenkrupp in 2008 and has held various management and executive positions since then: After joining thyssenkrupp Xervon as CEO, he took over the Eastern European subsidiaries of Materials Services from 2012 to 2018. From 2018 he was CEO of the Technical Services and Materials Western Europe operating units. From the beginning of 2019 he was also CEO of thyssenkrupp Schulte and Materials Germany, where he headed the German materials distribution business. Before joining thyssenkrupp, Stillger worked for Barmag AG for 17 years, five of which as Sales Director and Chief Executive Officer. Since December 6, 2019 Martin Stillger has been Chairman of the Executive Board of the Materials Services segment. He is responsible for the Operating Units Materials Western Europe, Materials Eastern Europe and Asia Pacific, Materials North America, Materials Trading, Plastics Europe and Technical Services as well as for the central functions Corporate Strategy & Communications and Legal. In this role he drives the strategic development of thyssenkrupp Materials Services, with the future strategy "Materials as a Service" at the center.

Stefano Maggiolino, President & CEO, Tenova HYL

Stefano graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the Politecnico of Bari in Italy, holds a Master in Administration from EGADE, the graduate business school of Tecnológico de Monterrey, and an MBA from Universidad of North Carolina Charlotte with specialization in Global Business and Strategy. In 1996 Stefano entered Techint Group in the program of Junior Professionals at Tenaris Tamsa in Veracruz, Mexico. In 1998 he returned to Italy at Techint SpA, now Tenova, as Project Manager in different steelmaking projects worldwide. In 2005, Stefano returned to Mexico in Monterrey as Project Director and COO at Tenova HYL, leading projects of direct reduction plants. Since July 2015 Stefano has held the position of President and CEO at Tenova HYL.

Thomas Hörnfeldt, Vice President Sustainable Business and Public Affairs, SSAB

Thomas is Vice President Sustainability & Public Affairs, at SSAB. He has an MBA from Uppsala University and an MSc from KTH in Stockholm. Thomas has vast experience in general management, sales, market intelligence as well as sustainability. Thomas’s previous roles include Managing Director of Ruukki Sverige, Senior Vice President & International Sales at Ruukki Metals Ltd, Vice President at Atlas Copco Dynapac and Vice President Corporate Marketing & Sales at steel provider Ovako. Thomas’s career started at ABB, which he left as Vice President in 2004, after almost 13 years of management positions in the metals industry activities. He has unique insights into the incorporation of sustainability into the business model of the organization.

Laurent Plasman, Head of Operational Marketing, ArcelorMittal Europe Flat Products

Laurent is Head of Operational Marketing in the team of CMO Flat Products at ArcelorMittal Europe. Operational marketing includes the following areas of responsibility: market intelligence, demand planning, price policy, commercial steering, value recovery team (non-prime) and trade defence. Laurent joined the Group with Wire Solutions in 1996 as Area Sales Manager Northern Europe and became Commercial Director of Wire & Strands until 2006. He moved to Mittal Steel Europe in Rotterdam as Product Manager Wire Rods, before joining the Corporate Marketing team in Luxembourg shortly after the merger. Since 2012, Laurent was in charge of corporate Group CCM (Commercial Coordination & Marketing) focusing on global market and price intelligence, export coordination, and global trade policy. Laurent holds a Master Degree in Applied Economics at the Faculty of University Antwerp, Belgium, as well as a Master in Business Administration specialising in Marketing at the Vlerick Business School, Belgium.

Dick Sands, Managing Director Distribution, Stemcor

After graduating from Oxford University in 1977, with a degree in Mathematics, Dick has spent the last 42 years permanently employed in the steel trade. Over half of those years with current employer Stemcor. Dick’s experience ranges from his earlier years importing flat rolled steel and long products into the UK market, through a period trading long products across the globe, then a decade trading raw materials for steel making, and for the last five years looking after much of Stemcor’s European import and distribution business. Three times Chairman of the International Steel Trade Association, Dick has a wealth of experience, both sourcing and marketing steel products and steel making raw materials, across the globe.

Alessandro Fossati, Managing Director, Gamma Trade


Alessandro started his career as a consultant in M&A, taxation and corporate finance, he then joined Duferco where he developed his skills as a steel manager. After some years in MMK group as export manager he joined Deltasteel Group where he managed the steel business unit. Since November 2016 he is CEO at Gamma Trade Sa, a Swiss based company, active in steel trading and distribution mainly focused in import of flats into Europe, adding value to European manufacturers through logistic, financing and hedging services.

Daniel Guinabert, Secretary General, Eurometal

Daniel has worked in the downstream divisions of a number of European steel companies in career in spanning 40 years. Through several mergers between Cockerill, Usinor, Arbed, Aceralia, Arcelor and finally ArcelorMittal, Daniel has been in charge of various Stockholding and Steel Service Centers networks across many European countries. He retired from ArcelorMittal in March 2019, and became Director General of Eurometal in April 2019.  

Karl Tachelet, Director International Affairs, EUROFER


Karl has been Director at the European steel association EUROFER (Brussels), responsible for international relations since April 2007. Prior to joining EUROFER, Karl worked for Arcelor Corporate (Luxembourg) in the International Affairs department (2001). Karl worked in Central sales organization of Sidstahl in Ghent (1997- Flat carbon steel Sector of Arbed) and then joined the Marketing Services in 1999. In 1994, Karl was in charge of the sales coordination for cold-reduced sheets in Central sales organization TradeARBED (Luxembourg). In 1989, Karl was employed in the legal service at steel producer Sidmar - Arbed group (Ghent). Karl has a Law degree from the University of Louvain (1987) and from the College of Europe, Bruges (1988).

Dr Veysel Yayan, Secretary General, TCUD - Turkish Iron and Steel Producers Association

Dr Yayan earned B.A. degrees from Faculty of Political Sciences of Ankara University in 1977 and Faculty of Law of the Istanbul University in 1987. Then he received his PhD degree from the Istanbul University Faculty of Economics in 1997. Dr Yayan has diplomas from University of Michigan on Economy of Development and Population; from the University of Sussex on Labor Market Information System and Japan Int. Coop. Agency on development and improvement of employment. After serving 22 years in the government from expert to Under secretary levels between 1976-1998, he was appointed as Secretary General to the Turkish Steel Producers Association in 1998. On 25 September 2017, Dr. Yayan was appointed as Under secretary to Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology. In August 2018, Yayan retired from government and returned to his position as Secretary General of Turkish Steel Producers Association.

Ian Roper, Independent Consultant


Ian is a highly regarded industry analyst, with over 20 years experience in metals, starting at CRU in London. Since 2003 Ian was based in Shanghai, China initially with Steel Business Briefing and then Macquarie, before a five year stint at Rio Tinto running their iron ore analysis. Over 2010-2017 Ian worked as a sell-side analyst with CLSA and Macquarie based in Shanghai and Singapore. Then in late 2017 Ian joined SMM to drive their international expansion and help bring their deep understanding of Chinese metals markets to a wider audience. 

Alain Eeckman, Commercial Director, Casier Recycling

Alain has been working at Casier Recycling NV for the last 3 years. Casier Recycling is a recycling company, specialized in both non-ferrous and ferrous materials with a strong sourcing network in the industrial activities within Flanders, Belgium. After his studies (Master in Economic Sciences at Antwerp University), Alain joined the raw materials division of the Arbed Group, which later became Arcelor and ArcelorMittal. Alain was stationed in Brussels, later in Singapore where he joined the Group’s steel trading division and returned to Belgium 8 years later to join the logistics division. Alain subsequently joined an American company Tube City IMS, a provider of steel services, including scrap procurement for the Eastern European market, especially within the Czech Republic and Serbia. He later moved to Vienna, Austria to join FJ Elsner Trading as senior trader for raw materials. In 2018 Alain joined Casier Recycling in Belgium as commercial director with responsibilities on both the scrap sourcing as on the sales side.

Alexis Ellender, Director, SSY Consultancy & Research Ltd

Alexis Ellender is a London based director at Simpson Spence Young (SSY), one of the world’s largest shipbroking organisations. He is part of the SSY Consultancy & Research team analysing dry bulk shipping markets and related industries, including steel and iron ore. With more than seven years of experience in dry bulk research, his areas of work include speaking at industry events, presenting to SSY’s clients, writing for company publications and supporting broking staff, both in London and overseas.

Burcak Alpman, Journalist, Kallanish Steel


Burcak brings 15 years experience in covering global long products and scrap pricing. She is responsible for the Kallanish daily scrap assessment in Turkey, as well as European shredded and US domestic and export pricing . She is based in Istanbul, prior to joining Kallanish she worked in SteelOrbis as director of Research.

Adam Smith, Editor in Chief, Kallanish

Having graduated from university in England's steel city of Sheffield, Adam was destined to end up in a career related to the steel industry. He has worked at Kallanish since 2014 as an editor for The Middle East and Turkey, as well as CIS and Eastern Europe, contributing his experience gained from five years in Dubai of the vibrant and fast-growing Middle Eastern and Turkish markets. Adam regularly attends events in the Middle East and Europe, moderating and speaking at some of them. He was previously steel editor at Platts in Dubai and before that Central and Eastern European reporter for Steel Business Briefing in London. Adam prides himself on providing friendly, informative and accurate journalism. He is currently based in Frankfurt and speaks fluent Polish and intermediate German. 

Emanuele Norsa, Editor Southern Europe, Kallanish


After training as a journalist in Italy, Emanuele started covering the steel market back in 2010 when he joined SBB in London. In 2014, he became managing editor for the EMEA steel market for Platts. Emanuele joined Kallanish in 2016 and he is the editor for Kallanish Steel Weekly. He speaks five languages and love art as much as steel.

Tomas Gutierrez, Managing Editor Asia, Kallanish

Tomas is the Managing Editor Asia for Kallanish and produces editorial content on the region, with a focus on China, as well as overseeing Kallanish's operations in East Asia. He is based in Shanghai, where he has lived and worked for the last six years. Tomas speaks Mandarin as well as English and Spanish. He has also spent three years in Beijing studying and working. Previously, Tomas worked at Steel Business Briefing, where he joined shortly after graduating with a masters degree in Asian politics from SOAS in London.

Dan Hilliard, Managing Editor North America, Kallanish Steel


Dan is from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania - the birthplace of the US steel industry - and he started in the industry in 2009 with the original Steel Business Briefing. Prior to that, Dan covered police and military affairs in Beaufort, South Carolina, and spot news for the Valley News Dispatch in Tarentum, PA. As part of the North American Kallanish team, Dan covers flats, tubular products and specialty steel products. 

Europe Steel Markets 2021 Virtual Conference June 16, 2021

Europe Steel Markets 2021 Virtual Conference Attendees

Company Position   Country  
United Kingdom
Editor United Kingdom
Alfa Laval Group Purchasing Dept Denmark
Aneka NV general manager Belgium
arcelormittal Head of Commercial Performance and Pricing Central Accounts Luxembourg
ArcelorMittal Head of Marketing North Industry France
ArcelorMittal Head of Market Intelligence Luxembourg
ArcelorMittal France
ArcelorMittal Economic monitoring & Statistics Luxembourg
ArcelorMittal Governmental Affairs Belgium
Arcelor Mittal CMO Iberia Luxembourg
Arcelor Mittal Head of Operational Pricing Luxembourg
ArcelorMittal CLN Board Managing Director Italy
ArcelorMittal Europe Flat Head of Operational Marketing Luxembourg
ArcelorMittal Europe Flat CMO MENA & Turkey France
Arcelor Mittal Long Products CMO and Vice President Luxembourg
ArcelorMittal Tailored Blanks CMO Packaging United Kingdom
Baaderbank Analyst Germany
British Steel Head of Marketing United Kingdom
CARES CEO United Kingdom
Carmeuse Global Steel Market Manager United Kingdom
Casier Recycling N.V. Commercial Director Belgium
Colakoglu Metalurji CEO Turkey
Danieli Senior Manager, Sales Italy
Diproinduca Europe S.L. Business Development Spain
DP Trade CEO Italy
DP Trade Co-Founder & Managing Partner Switzerland
Eurofer Director International Affairs Belgium
Eurometal Secretary General
EUROMETAL Officer Luxembourg
Exiros Planning Manager Argentina
FAF-Produtos Siderúrgicos Administrator Portugal
Ferrexpo Limited Marketing & Logistics Ukraine
Fowle and Co Ltd Managing Director United Kingdom
Freepoint Commodities Trader Singapore
Gamma Trade Managing Director Switzerland
Gebr. Lotter KG Head of Purchase Germany
Hatch Associates Ltd United Kingdom
Howden Global Segment Lead Power and Metals Netherlands
Irish International Trading Corp Ltd. Managing Director Ireland
Kallanish Sales Manager Bulgaria
Kallanish Sales Executive Germany
Kallanish Steel Journalist United States
Kallanish Sales Manager Spain
Kallanish Global Editor
Kallanish Journalist
Kallanish CEO United Kingdom
Kallanish Managing Editor North America
Kallanish Managing Editor Asia United Kingdom
Kallanish Editor Southern Europe
Kallanish Events Director United Kingdom
Kallanish Commodities Sales & Advertising Manager United Kingdom
Kallanish Commodities VP Sales North America
Kallanish Europe Sofia Germany & Russia Journalist Bulgaria
Kandil Steel Raw Material Procurement Manager Egypt
Kingspan Ltd. Procurement Director Ireland
Knauf AMF Antwerp Slitter Global Category Manager Steel Belgium
Lhoist SA Key Account Senior Analyst Belgium
Liberty Ostrava a.s. Head of Sales Czech Republic
Liberty Steel Continental Europe Head of Marketing United Kingdom
Limea Fisma Purchasing Manager Italy
Manuli Hydraulics Italia S.r.l. a Socio Unico Group Purchasing Manager Italy
Marcegaglia CEO Italy
Marcegaglia Director Italy
Marcegaglia Carbon Steel Sales & Marketing Director - Coils Italy
Marcegaglia - Tube Division Member of the Board of Directors - Sales & Marketing Director - Welded Tubes Italy
Marubeni-Itochu Steel Europe GmbH Manager Sales Coordination Germany
MEsteel Consultant United Arab Emirates
MESteel United Arab Emirates
Metinvest Trametal Spa Head of Metinvest Western Europe Italy
Midrex Marketing Manager United States
Moravia Steel Italia Srl Italy
MULTICUT A/S Strategic Purchaser Raw Materials Denmark
NASS Office Manager United Kingdom
NV Bekaert SA Technical Manager Wire Rod Europe - Corporate Purchasing Department Belgium
NV Bekaert SA Regional Category Manager Wire Rod ERMEA Belgium
OVet BV Commercial Manager Netherlands
Pandrol Commodity Manager United Kingdom
Paul Wurth Head of Marketing Luxembourg
Pirelli Group Financial Controller Italy
Port of Rotterdam Advisor Netherlands
Pristine Commercials Pvt Ltd Director India
Reggio Metals srl Owner Italy
RHI Magnesita GmbH Market Intelligence Analyst Austria
ROCKWOOL Belgium NV Regional Category Manager Belgium
Royal BAM Group nv Category Manager Steel Netherlands
Ruuki Construction Sourcing Manager Poland
Saferoad Procurement Director Norway
Saferoad RRS GmbH COO Saferoad Europe Division Germany
Severstal Chief economist - Corporate strategy Russia
Sidenor Aceros Especiales SL Manager Spain
SMM Singapore Pte CEO Singapore
Snop MT Stahl GmbH Manager Purchasing Germany
Soybas Steel Vice President Turkey
SSAB Vice President Sustainable Business and Public Affairs Sweden
SSAB Swedish Steel S.L. Director Business Development Spain
SSY Director United Kingdom
Steelduxx Partner Belgium
Steelduxx Belgium
SteelDuxx Belgium
SteelDuxx Belgium
SteelDuxx PARTNER Belgium
SteelDuxx Belgium
STEELDUXX Partner Belgium
Steelforce NV Commercial Director Europe Belgium
Steelforce NV Managing Director Belgium
Stemcor Trader United Kingdom
Stemcor Quantitative Trading Project Officer United Kingdom
Stemcor Director United Kingdom
Stemcor Commodity Derivatives Analyst United Kingdom
Stow Group Purchase Director Raw Materials Belgium
Stow International Purchasing Exec. Raw Materials Belgium
TATA Steel Manager, Industry Insights Netherlands
Tata Steel Europe Marketing Manager Distribution Netherlands
Tata Steel Europe Netherlands
Tata Steel Europe Communications Manager United Kingdom
Tata Steel Europe Chief Commercial Officer Netherlands
Tata Steel India Chief, Business Excellence and New Projects India
Tata Steel Ltd Sr. Manager - Marketing Research & Sales India
TCUD Expert Turkey
TCUD - Turkish Iron and Steel Producers Association Secretary General Turkey
TCUD - Turkish Steel Producers Association Managing Editor Turkey
Tenova HYL President & CEO Mexico
thyssenkrupp Materials Services Chairman & CEO Germany
thyssenkrupp Materials Services Head of External and Internal Communications Germany
thyssenkrupp Materials Services Senior Communications Manager Germany
thyssenkrupp Materials Services Global Head of Corporate Strategy & Communications Germany
Thyssenkrupp Procesamiento de Materiales Europa, S.L CEO Spain
Thyssenkrupp Schulte GmbH Senior Procurement Manager Germany
Trinecke zelezarny, a.s. Head of Marketing Czech Republic
Van Leeuwen Pipe and Tube Group Procurement Manager Europe Netherlands
Vasilios Stavridis G.P. CTO Greece
Vik Ørsta AS Purchasing Manager Norway
Weyland Austria
Weyland gmbh CEO Austria
Witte van Moort BV CEO Netherlands

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