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October, 19th 2021

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Flat Steel 2021 virtual conference

Steel Nov. 16, 2021 1 day 395.0 (Full Price Rate)



Phenomenal demand recovery, low inventories, extended mill lead times, and soaring prices were the central theme in the first half of 2021. More recently China, India, Turkey and Russia have recorded fairly robust corrections in both steel and raw materials prices. Consequently, huge differences in coil prices exist within and between regions particularly between Europe, US and the rest of the world, partly sustained by increasing trade barriers that have become a central theme of global steel markets in recent years, and stimulus packages.

Join our Kallanish Flat Steel Focus 2021 virtual conference on the 16th November to hear experts from across the sector discuss the following key topics and more:

  • Flat steel outlook: Focus on major regional flats steel supply, demand, and trade barriers
  • Price trends: Regional and global steel and raw material price trends reviewed and forecast
  • Production, process, and trade: Fundamentals of supply, lead times, volumes & price movements
  • Overcapacity, consolidation & regionalisation: Analysis of the longer-term global market trends
  • Steel end-user demand: Impact of stimulus packages, supply chain delays & price volatility
  • Green steel transition: The challenges of decarbonisation, hydrogen, sustainability, tech & tax

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Associations & Media Partners

 Steel Exporters' Association​

Steel Exporters' Association is one of seven associations which has been operating under the body of General Secretariat of Istanbul Mineral and Metals Exporters' Association (IMMIB). The Association is a non-profit business organization of more than 2,000 companies representing the largest steel producers and exporters in the Turkish steel industry. It carries on its operations with the aim of increasing the export potential of the Turkish steel industry and paves the way for Turkish steel producers/exporters, with main objective to foster and attain sustainable global steel market based on free and fair trade. The Association also solves the problems of its member companies face at home and abroad, provides contact between members and foreign importers in order to ease the export processes, serves up-to-date domestic and global market news, reports and analyses.

To learn more about the Turksh Steel Exporters Association please visit:


Flat Steel Import, Export and Industry Association has been founded in the year 2003 by the founder president Mustafa Açıkalın for the purpose of gathering flat steel importers, exporters and traders together with the industrialists who are engaged in manufacturing using flat steel, under one roof in an effective way; establishing cooperation and solidarity; working on the identification and solution of the requirements and problems of the industry.

To learn more about YISAD please visit:


Since its establishment in 1928, NASS has been successfully working to promote the interests of steel service centres throughout the UK. NASS is the only trade association covering the whole of the UK steel stockholding industry. NASS members supply steel to UK manufacturing and are a vital link in the supply chain from producer to customer, handling some 8 million tonnes of steel a year, principally to the construction, automotive and engineering industries.



MESTEEL is a Middle East b2b steel portal, providing buyers and sellers with, an in-depth database, steel offers, inquiries, news, jobs, information, events.



SteelData is the largest online steel statistics database on the World, EU and Turkish steel market and industry. It provides accurate and most comprehensive steel statistics in a regular basis on the steel market and industry worldwide. SteelData is the easiest and most comfortable way of getting the most comprehensive, accurate and up-to-date steel market and industry data. Production, consumption, capacity, capacity utilisation, export, import and much more. Take data in the center of your decisions.



EUROMETAL is the European federation of steel tubes and metals distribution and trading. The roots of EUROMETAL date back to 1950, when the European Community for Coal and Steel was created by Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. EUROMETAL members are national federations of steel, metals and tubes distribution as well as distribution, SSC and trading companies having cross border activities in European OECD countries.

GMK Center

GMK Center think tank offers comprehensive research and coverage of the developments in the global and Ukrainian mining & metals sector. The company organizes regular sector-specific events to discuss various important issues of industrial development. GMK Center’s areas of focus include:

  • high-quality sector analysis
  • comprehensive, unbiased coverage of the domestic and foreign mining & metals markets
  • creation of a communication platform and facilitating an expert discussion on the Ukrainian and global steel industry
  • representation of the Ukrainian mining & metals sector internationally as one of the market leaders

GMK Center was founded in July 2018. In November 2018, GMK Center, supported by its partner, World Steel Dynamics, one of the most authoritative consulting and analytical companies in the steel industry, launched a web portal for steelmakers.

In a year, the company prepared over 250 reviews on the topics related to steel production, sales markets, national regulatory policies. Our website posted op-eds of around 150 Ukrainian and international experts. 70 top managers in the domestic industrial sector shared their views of industrial development with GMK Center correspondents.


Virtual Conference

The Kallanish virtual event platform is designed to support face-to-face networking, personalised agendas, downloadable contact lists, the ability to engage with speakers via live Q&As and polls, and the option to re-watch sessions on-demand soon after each session.

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Our dedicated virtual networking platform will enable you to engage in face to face meetings, send messages and contact requests and schedule meetings in advance with industry peers expected to attend the virtual conference.

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  • Launch your products and showcase your latest innovations
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Flat Steel 2021 virtual conference Nov. 16, 2021

All times shown below are CET (Central European Time). All sessions can be viewed live or on-demand. Make sure you register for this event, so that you can take full advantage of the live sessions, networking and more. 

  • 09:30

    Welcome in the networking room

  • 10:00

    Session 1: International coil markets outlook

    The global steel industry is accustomed to challenging environments, but the past 2 years has been one of the most challenging periods ever - no less so for regional flat steel sectors and end-users. First an unprecedented halt in production, followed by phenomenal demand recovery, fueled by low inventories, extended mill lead times, resulting in soaring prices. This trend has continued through the first half of 2021 with steel prices repeatedly hitting new record highs. Some industry experts forecast demand and prices to remain elevated for the next 2 years, underpinned by massive international stimulus in response to Covid-19. However, markets outside Europe and the US have started come off with coil and, to a greater extent, raw material prices correcting to much lower levels. How will this dynamic play out against the backdrop of longer-term steel sector trends of overcapacity, consolidation, and regional protectionism? Has global overcapacity restructuring and growing regional protectionism set wildly divergent prices and short supply as the new equilibrium? Will new capacity additions around the world ease the supply tensions? How will the latest extension of European safeguard measures, China’s production restrictions and the US-EU trade discussions impact trade flows, steel supply and price? What do producers, traders and steel end-users expect for the medium to longer term? Our panel of experts will offer their views on the challenges and opportunities facing the global coil markets.

    • Li Xinchuang, President, China Metallurgical Planning and Research Institute
    • Ugur Dalbeler, CEO, Colakoglu Meturlarji
    • Dick Sands, Managing Director Distribution, Stemcor
  • 11:15

    Networking break

  • 12:00

    Session 2: Global vs regional steel and raw material price trends

    Soaring steel prices in first half 2021, have been replaced by a general slowdown in steel and raw material prices. Most regions outside US have registered significant corrections in both steel and particularly raw materials prices, partly attributed to a summer lull, rising covid restrictions in some regions, and China’s restrictions on steel production. Wide differences in coil prices still exist between regions around the world, partly sustained by increasing trade barriers that have become a central theme of global steel markets in recent years. Production curbs in China have supported domestic steel prices and undermined iron ore and scrap prices. Meanwhile, the ongoing global semiconductor shortage is forcing automakers around the world and particularly in USA to extend their buying throughout the year, driving record high prices in North America. Today, steel demand in most regions still outstrips supply. How will regional trade barriers and international stimulus impact prices? To what extent have flat steel buyers in the US and Europe been able to absorb elevated prices and reflect them in their own margins? How will the steel price dynamic play out in the months ahead as capacity, consolidation, trade barriers and regionalization continue to be central in today’s market? Our panel of experts will offer their views on the challenges and opportunities facing the global steel industry.

    • VR Sharma, MD, Jindal Steel & Power Ltd
    • Ian Roper, Independent Consultant
    • Derek Langston, Senior Director, SSY Consultancy & Research
  • 13:15

    Networking break

  • 14:00

    Session 3: Coil distribution, processing & end-use markets

    Market fundamentals have changed since the end of 2020. Supply, demand and price have been overshadowed by volumes, mill lead times and delayed deliveries. Steel demand is slated to remain strong for the next 2 years supported by a global economic recovery in the manufacturing sector. That said, how long can steel end-users continue to pay elevated steel prices? Can steel end-users pass this cost on to their customers, or will they reduce their steel purchases and cut manufacturing output? With order books throughout the supply chain filling quickly and lead times being extended, the situation for automotive, construction and white goods sectors reliant on just-in-time deliveries has been exacerbated by frequent delivery delays becoming the norm. However, the situation is not the same across all regions. How will this distortion affect the competitiveness of steel end-users in their home and export markets? To address these trends we bring together analysts, steel industry executives, and leading steel end-users to share updates and forecasts on market developments and end-user demand across Europe, Turkey CIS and India.

    • Fernando Espada, President, Eurometal
    • Alessandro Sciamarelli, Director of Economic and Market Analysis, European Steel Association (EUROFER)
    • Francois-David Martino, CEO, Becker Stahl Services
  • 15:15

    Networking break

  • 16:00

    Session 4: Green steel transition - decarbonisation & sustainability challenges

    Making firm forecasts on the long-term future of steel amid the current unprecedented macro-economic environment is almost impossible. Nevertheless, many regional steelmakers around the world have announced ambitious plans to cut CO2 emissions by 2030 and beyond. Various technologies for steelmaking decarbonisation already exist or are coming online soon, including CDA (hydrogen and electricity-based steelmaking), CCS, and CCU. However, these technologies will result in higher production costs for steel. Is there sufficient end-user demand and appetite to pay higher prices for ‘green steel’? Is there policy support and regulatory framework in place to make the transition economical? What must be done to ensure a level playing field while a 2-tier supply chain exits? How close are Russian and European steel producers to securing economically viable supplies of green hydrogen for hydrogen steelmaking? Will the recent hike in carbon prices on the European Emissions Trading System drive steelmakers into making decarbonisation investments? How do Turkish and Russian steel producers view the impact of the proposed European carbon border adjustment mechanism (CBAM)? In this panel, industry experts will discuss these questions and more on the future of the green steel transition across the regions and the influences from global developments and sustainability challenges.

    • Thomas Hörnfeldt, Vice President Sustainable Business and Public Affairs, SSAB AB
    • Todd Ames, Senior Key Account Manager, Midrex Technologies
  • 17:15

    Closing Remarks

The programme was last updated on the 13th October 2021.

Flat Steel 2021 virtual conference Nov. 16, 2021

Li Xinchuang, President, China Metallurgical Planning and Research Institute

Li Xinchuang has served in many roles previously including those approved by the State Council. He was Professor Senior Engineer, Vice Secretary-General of China Iron & Steel Association (CISA), President and Chief Engineer of China Metallurgical Industry Planning and Research Institute (MPI), and Director of Technical Economics Branch of the Chinese Society for Metals.

Ugur Dalbeler, CEO, Colakoglu Metalurji

Uğur has been working as the CEO of Colakoğlu Metalurji for many years now. Ugur is also a board member of the Turkish Steel Producers’ Association (TCUD), the Turkish Steel Exporters’ Association (CIB) and of IREPAS, the International Rebar Exporters and Producers Association and an Executive member of Worldsteel Association (WSA). Ugur holds a BSc degree in Metallurgy and Material Science from METU.

Dick Sands, Managing Director Distribution, Stemcor

After graduating from Oxford University in 1977, with a degree in Mathematics, Dick has spent the last 42 years permanently employed in the steel trade. Over half of those years with current employer Stemcor. Dick’s experience ranges from his earlier years importing flat rolled steel and long products into the UK market, through a period trading long products across the globe, then a decade trading raw materials for steel making, and for the last five years looking after much of Stemcor’s European import and distribution business. Three times Chairman of the International Steel Trade Association, Dick has a wealth of experience, both sourcing and marketing steel products and steel making raw materials, across the globe.

VR Sharma, Managing Director, Jindal Steel & Power Ltd

VR Sharma is Managing Director-Designate for Jindal Steel & Power Ltd. Prior to joining JSPL, he was Group CEO of AbulKhair Group and managing its Steel, Power, Cement & Mining business and previously he was Deputy Managing Director & CEO of Jindal Steel & Power Limited. He has also worked as Executive Director of Ispat Industries Ltd, Joint MD & Director of Bhushan Group. He also worked in management position with other steel companies overseas including Socialist Steel Limited Libya, Lloyd Steel Group and Arrasate Steel Spain. Extremely passionate for steel, he has given 36 years to the industry while leading multi-locational steel, power, cement, and mining operations, innovative cost-effective large steel project management and was instrumental in bringing in transformation changes of various steel corporates. VR Sharma is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering and has completed his Master's in Business Administration from UK.

Derek Langston, Head of Research, SSY Consultancy & Research Ltd

Derek is the Head of Research at Simpson Spence Young (SSY), one of the largest shipbroking organisations in the world, which has specialist teams working in 18 offices across the globe. Derek coordinates SSY’s analysis of the shipping markets and, in addition to staff based in SSY’s London office, is also responsible for research staff in Singapore. The focus of Derek’s analysis is the dry bulk shipping sector, where he specialises in trade flow analysis and fleet developments.

Ian Roper, Independent Consultant


Ian is a highly regarded industry analyst, with over 20 years experience in metals, starting at CRU in London. Since 2003 Ian was based in Shanghai, China initially with Steel Business Briefing and then Macquarie, before a five year stint at Rio Tinto running their iron ore analysis. Over 2010-2017 Ian worked as a sell-side analyst with CLSA and Macquarie based in Shanghai and Singapore. Then in late 2017 Ian joined SMM to drive their international expansion and help bring their deep understanding of Chinese metals markets to a wider audience. 

Andrii Tarasenko, Chief Analyst, GMK Center

Andrii has 15-year experience in investment banking and commodities market analysis as head of research and head of trading department. Graduated from Donetsk University of Management Production management faculty in 2005. His expertise are in: global steel markets, oil & gas, financial markets, and industrial policy issues. Andrii covers financial and strategic issues, improving cost-management, budgeting systems building, and audit for steel companies in consulting projects.

Fernando Espada, President, Eurometal (Managing Director, Tata Steel Layde)

Fernando is the Presedent of EUROMETAL, a position he has held since December 2018, and is the Managing Director of Layde Steel (Tata Steel Europe) since January 2009. As a senior executive leading transformation through growth, customer oriented actions and full involvement of the organisation, Fernando has more than 20 years of experience in highly demanding commercial organisations, of which 10 years acting as Managing Director promoting the change and market focus to take back to profits a complex entity. Involvement includes all stakeholders, and all levels of the company, including management of the multinational.

Francois-David Martino, CEO, Becker Stahl Service

Francois-David held executive roles in Asia and Europe for many years, working in various fields and industries. After obtaining his degree in mechanical engineering, Francois-David served in numerous leadership positions at companies including thyssenkrupp, Siemens and ZF Friedrichshafen. Francois-David most recently held the office of President & CEO China at Danieli & C. Officine Meccaniche S.p.A. Francois-David’s reputation includes international recognition for his expertise in the fields of supply chains and operational excellence and in the successful implementation of growth strategies. Apart from implementing the new Group strategy at Becker Stahl-Service GmbH, Francois-David Martino focuses on expanding the product and processing portfolio as well as technical expertise in manufacturing while also enhancing the service level for customers and partners.

Alessandro Sciamarelli, Director of Economic and Market Analysis at the European Steel Association (EUROFER)

Alessandro (born 1970) holds the position of Director of Economic and Market Analysis at the European Steel Association (EUROFER) based in Brussels, where he carries out economic research and analysis linked to the steel sector. Prior to joining EUROFER, he held for over ten years equivalent positions at other Brussels-based European trade associations (namely in the mortgage lending sector and the cement sector) and, before that, he worked for the Economic Studies Office of a leading cement and construction group in Rome, Italy, and for the European Institute of Public Administration (EIPA) in Maastricht, the Netherlands. He holds a PhD in Economics (1999) and a Degree in political science (1995) from the University of Pisa, Italy. He has dual nationality (Italian and Belgian) and is fluent in English, French and Italian.

Todd Ames, Senior Key Account Manager, Midrex Technologies

Todd is the Senior Key Account Manager in the Commercial Department at Midrex Technologies. He is instrumental in the promotion and negotiation of new contracts for MIDREX® Plants. Prior to his present role, he held numerous engineering and project management positions within Midrex. He has more than 20 years of experience in large-scale industrial project management and construction management in both Europe and Asia. He holds six US and European patents in various mechanical and process applications. Todd earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Virginia Tech and a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

Thomas Hörnfeldt, Vice President Sustainable Business and Public Affairs, SSAB

Thomas is Vice President Sustainability & Public Affairs, at SSAB. He has an MBA from Uppsala University and an MSc from KTH in Stockholm. Thomas has vast experience in general management, sales, market intelligence as well as sustainability. Thomas’s previous roles include Managing Director of Ruukki Sverige, Senior Vice President & International Sales at Ruukki Metals Ltd, Vice President at Atlas Copco Dynapac and Vice President Corporate Marketing & Sales at steel provider Ovako. Thomas’s career started at ABB, which he left as Vice President in 2004, after almost 13 years of management positions in the metals industry activities. He has unique insights into the incorporation of sustainability into the business model of the organization.

Sander Heinhuis, Head of Marketing Automotive, Tata Steel Europe

Friso de Vries, Owner and Director, Vogel Stahl

Friso was born in 1970 in the Netherlands. He earned a MSc degree at Delft University of Technology in Materials Science. He took several classes in marketing, strategic management and governance at Henley, IMD and Erasmus. Friso has worked and lived in the USA, Sweden, France, Germany and the Netherlands. After his start in R&D and production management with Volvo Aero and Aluminium Pechiney, Friso held several commercial positions in the steel industry with Corus and Tata Steel. He was, amongst others, responsible for mill sales to service centers in South-Europe and for the EMEA sales of specialty plated strip products. He was appointed CEO of a Tata Steel JV active in trade, steel service and fabrications. He is founder and initiator of Steelport Maastricht. His broad and international experience from mill sales, trading and service centers all the way down the supply-chain to manufacturing, strengthened and inspired him to launch himself into entrepreneurship. He acquired his own steel trading/service organisation early 2019.

Flat Steel 2021 virtual conference Nov. 16, 2021

Flat Steel 2021 virtual conference Attendees

Company Position   Country  
Akcelik Iron and Steel Inc. General Manager Turkey
ArcelorMittal CLN Board Managing Director Italy
Borusan Mannesmann Board Member Turkey
CARES CEO United Kingdom
Cetin Civata Chairman of the Board Turkey
China Metallurgical Planning and Research Institute President
Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. Chairman, President and CEO United States
Colakoglu Metalurji Sales and Marketing Director Turkey
Colakoglu Metalurji Flat Products / Automotive&Manufacturing Segment Turkey
Colakoglu Metalurji Flat Products / Commercial Segment Manager Turkey
Colakoglu Metalurji Sales Manager Turkey
Colakoglu Metalurji CEO Turkey
Colakoglu Metalurji Sales Planning Manager Turkey
Colakoglu Metalurji Corporate Communications Manager Turkey
Colakoglu Metalurji Sales Manager Turkey
C. Steinweg nv Belgium & France CEO Belgium
DACS, Inc. Sales & Marketing Associate United States
Diler Dis Ticaret Board Member Turkey
DITH Australia Trader Australia
DNT Company Limited Owner / Director United Kingdom
DUFERCO Germany MD Germany
Ekinciler Iron and Steel Co. Executive Board Member Turkey
Emballator Metal Group Purchasing Manager Sweden
Erciyas Celik Boru San. A.Ş. President Turkey
Erdemir Marketing & Sales Director Turkey
Eurometal Secretary General
European Steel Association (EUROFER) Director of Economic and Market Analysis Belgium
Foulath Holding Group CEO Bahrain
Fowle & Co Ltd Purchasing Manager United Kingdom
Gabrielli SpA Owner Italy
GMK Center Chief Analyst Ukraine
Gourmet Settings Ceo Canada
İÇDAŞ Dis Ticaret A.Ş Chairman Turkey
Immib Deputy Secretary Turkey
Immib Secretary General of İMMİB Turkey
Immib Market Research Analyst Turkey
Immİb Turkey
Jindal Steel & Power Ltd Managing Director India
Kallanish Events Director United Kingdom
Kandil Steel Chief Corporate Development Officer Egypt
Kibar dis ticaret a.s. Board Member and General Manager Turkey
Laura Staalcenter Maastricht BV Commercial director Netherlands
Lhoist SA Business Intelligence Analyst Belgium
Limea Fisma Purchasing Manager Italy
Malcolm Clarke Managing Director United Kingdom
Marubeni-Itochu Steel Inc. Jebel Ali Commercial Manager United Arab Emirates
Metalsac Deputy Chairman Turkey
Midrex Technologies Senior Key Account Manager United States
NASS Office Manager United Kingdom
NASS Director General United Kingdom
Nordec Oy Head of Operations & Supply Chain Finland
Saferoad Procurement Director Norway
SMM Singapore Pte CEO Singapore
Snop MT Stahl GmbH Manager Purchasing Germany
SSAB Vice President Sustainable Business and Public Affairs Sweden
SSAB Swedish Steel S.L. Director Business Development Spain
SSY Consultancy & Research Senior Director United Kingdom
Stemcor Trader United Kingdom
Stemcor United Kingdom
Stemcor Sweden
Stemcor Director United Kingdom
Stemcor AG Spain
Tata Steel Europe Marketing Manager Distribution Netherlands
Tata Steel Layde Managing Director Spain
Tezcan Galvaniz Commercial Director Turkey
thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe S.L. CEO Spain
ThyssenKrupp Materials Services GmbH Head of Governance and Procurement Germany
thyssenkrupp Schulte GmbH Head of Category Management Carbon Steel Flat Germany
TISA Managing Director Ivory Coast
TRUTZI SRL Purchase Manager Romania
Turkish Steel Exporters' Association (CIB) Market Research Analyst Turkey
Turkish Steel Exporters' Association (CIB) RESEARCH Turkey
Turkish Steel Exporters' Association (CIB) Analyst Turkey
UNICOIL Material Officer Saudi Arabia
UNICOIL Procurement Manager Saudi Arabia
UNICOIL Senior Materials Officer Saudi Arabia
UNICOIL Sales Engineer Saudi Arabia
UNICOIL Sales Manager Saudi Arabia
Universal Metal Coating Company (UNICOIL) General Manager - Commercial Operations Saudi Arabia
Universal Metal Coating Company (UNICOIL) Marketing Manager Saudi Arabia
Vale Account Manager United Arab Emirates
Vale International United Arab Emirates
Vale International United Arab Emirates
Vale International SA Switzerland
VALE International SA DUBAI Iron Ore Sales
Vogel Stahl BV Owner & Director Netherlands
Weyland gmbh CEO Austria
Yametas A.S. Director Turkey
Yucel Boru Ve Profil End. A.Ş. Board Member Turkey

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Flat Steel 2021 virtual conference Nov. 16, 2021

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