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January, 23rd 2022

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DEC 01

Nissan debuts 4 EV prototypes


Nissan has officially released four concept BEVs, including a city-styled SUV model named Chill-Out, an outdoor-focused SUV model named Hang-Out, a roadster named Max-Out and a pickup truck named Surf-Out, Kallanish reports.     

As the only real car presented, Chill-Out car is considered the most likely to be mass produced and on the market by 2025. It will be built based on the CMF-EV platform, which was jointly established by the Renault-Mitsubishi-Nissan Union. The car adopts the trendiest elements, such as geometric LEDs, smooth body lines, low drag wheels and tires, a giant LCD screen, and more. There is no steering wheel.

Compared to the Chill-Out SUV, the shape of Hang-Out is squarer. The most distinctive feature is that its four seats can be rotated so that the front and rear seats can be arranged facing each other. Flexible seats, combined with a projection screen suspended in the trunk, can turn the car into a simple theater.

Max-Out is designed scientifically to take full advantage of its aerodynamics. The seats can be stretched to provide more space when needed. It is planned to be built based on the CMF-EV architecture as well and will use the "e-4ORCE" dual-motor all-wheel drive layout.

Surf-Out is said to have outstanding off-road performance and loading capacity, as well as exclusive interior materials. It is also planned to be produced based on the CMF-EV platform and equipped with Nissan’s self-developed ProPilot self-driving system.

Nissan's EV pickup competition is intense. Ford is developing the F-150 Lightning pure electric pickup, Chevrolet plans to launch the Silverado electric pickup in 2023, Tesla launched the Cybertruck pure electric pickup, Rivian launched the R1T pure electric pickup, and GMC has launched the Hummer electric pickup.

Nissan has promised to introduce thinner, lighter, and more powerful solid-state batteries before the 2028 fiscal year. Nissan ceo Makoto Uchida says: “Batteries will be the key to transformation. As batteries become smaller and thinner, we can provide flexible layouts that allow them to have stronger dynamic performance and expand to larger segments, such as pickup trucks."

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