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October, 20th 2021

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OCT 13

Macron wants France to lead in hydrogen, electric mobility


French President Emmanuel Macron is pushing France to “become the leader in green hydrogen by 2030," se said in a speech heard by Kallanish for the opening of Cop15.

President Macron says the government will invest €30 billion ($34 billion) within a comprehensive plan called France 2030 that aims to boost France’s industrial competitiveness, nuclear, energy transition and clean mobility.

One objective of France 2030 involves boosting electrolysis capacity in France. Macron anticipates “at least two electrolyser giga-factories to scale-up hydrogen production” in French territory.

“What we absolutely have to do on hydrogen is avoid repeating the mistakes we made on renewables. We have invested too little to develop a solid value chain. We must develop our industrial offer on hydrogen and invest heavily in this sector,” Macron states, adding that €500 million will be spent to accelerate the country’s renewable capacity - particularly wind and solar power.

Out of a total of €30 billion, €8 billion will be invested in the energy transition of the industry. This includes €4 billion that will be injected into the energy transition for the automotive and aviation sectors. Another objective includes producing 2m electric and hybrid vehicles by 2030.

“We currently have three giga-factories in development…I believe really the objective to drive electric and produce 2m electric and hybrid cars by 2030 is achievable. At the end of the month, I will see all the major (automotive) players to discuss infrastructure and investments. If we continue to invest in batteries, boost modernisation and digitalisation, we can make it happen,” Marcon continues.

In addition to vowing to produce the first low-carbon plane by 2030, France will also invest €1 billion by 2030 on its nuclear sector, increasing in the next decade the number of smaller modular reactor throughout the country to increase the country’s output of low-carbon electricity. The first €3-4 billion will be spent next year, Macron says.

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