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October, 20th 2021

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Russia to export 2-12m t of hydrogen by 2035: ministry


Russian exports of hydrogen may range from 2-12 million tonnes/year by 2035, and by 2050 may reach from 15-50m t/y, says the head of the Russian Energy Agency (REA), part of the Ministry of Energy, Alexei Kulapin.

“However, Russian production and export of hydrogen will depend on how the demand in the global hydrogen market grows and how the infrastructure develops,” he said during the International conference on hydrogen Energy IH2CON in St. Petersburg. “And it will also depend on the willingness of domestic companies to produce and export such volumes.”

At the same time, REA expects that Russia's export potential may reach the upper level of forecasts, Kallanish notes. 

“The geographical location of our country gives us such an opportunity, we are located between two key sales markets - Europe and Asia. And we have large reserves of natural gas, for the production of blue hydrogen,” Kulapin added.

In addition, the head of the REA notes that Russia has a powerful research and production base in the field of hydrogen. 

"It is the presence of scientific and technological groundwork that gives our country the opportunity to enter the world market for hydrogen energy technologies.”

Earlier, Russia’s minister of economic development Maxim Reshetnikov said his country eyes hydrogen export to Europe through Germany. In August, Russian foreign ministry said that Moscow could start talking with the EU about hydrogen supplies in the future. According to the ministry, the direction is promising for Russia for cooperation both with the European and with Asian partners.

On 10 September, Russia finished the construction of the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline and eyes hydrogen export in the future. However, the export of natural gas could start next month.

By 2050, Russia will be able to export up to 33.5 million tonnes of hydrogen and take up to 20% of the world hydrogen market, worth $100 billion/year, according to the energy ministry.

Svetoslav Abrossimov Bulgaria