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September, 21st 2021

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JUL 05

Russians eye construction of green hydrogen plant


Russian authorities are planning to build a hydrogen production plant in the Khabarovsk region, according to acting governor of the territory Mikhail Degtyarev.

Total investments would amount about €20-25 billion ($24-30 billion), Kallanish notes.

According to Degtyarev, the project is at the stage of preliminary feasibility study. The plant is planned to be built based on the Nimanskaya hydroelectric power station under construction in the Verkhnebureinsky region. The project is set to be presented at the Eastern Economic forum this year.

“We are now in the preparation stage of a feasibility study for the future Tugurskaya tidal power plant,” he said. “This is an old, abandoned project, which, with the advent of a new strategy in global energy, which is based on hydrogen as well, gets a new breath.”

The power station should become a source of energy for a hydrogen production plant. The capacity of the future tidal station is estimated at 8 gigawatts.

“By 2030, we see that a quarter of the world’s hydrogen consumption or half of Russia’s will be supplied in the Khabarovsk region,” Degtyarev said.

Russia aims to hold a 20% stake of the global hydrogen market, producing some 1-2 million tonnes/year of the alternative fuel at its base case scenario. More optimistic targets see the natural gas exporter producing up to 7m t/y of hydrogen in 2035.

Svetoslav Abrossimov Bulgaria