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July, 6th 2020

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China Steel Intelligence

Issue 34 Feb. 4, 2019

CSI: China looks for a rebound

With China already on holiday for the Lunar New Year, this month’s issue is a two-parter. Looking at the longer term, we take a wider look as steel export volumes from East Asia.

Although these fluctuate alongside Chinese exports, 2018 saw a further breakdown of the trilateral trade between China, …

Issue 33 Jan. 9, 2019

CSI: The state sets the tone in 2019

China has just come out of a year of volatility and high steelmaking margins. In 2019 however the volatility may stay but the margins are likely to shrink. China faces a wide array of challenges, of which the trade war with the USA is only one. Weaker consumer demand, indebted …

Issue 32 Dec. 5, 2018

CSI: China pressures ease, for now

Chinese steel markets slumped through November with some of the most rapid declines in prices in months, and in some cases years. The start of December however saw a cease-fire in the US-China trade war which suddenly sent prices skyrocketing again, if only briefly. Both the sharp decline in prices …

Issue 31 Nov. 5, 2018

CSI: China puts one foot in front of the other

China continues to leave markets guessing in terms of its economic policy as it continues to take sectors one at a time and refuses to launch a mass nationwide stimulus. A delayed party plenum, endless proclamations and a lack of detailed policy mean the market is continuing to be pushed …