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For the provision of information and services by Kallanish

These Terms & Conditions form the basis on which subscription services are provided by Kallanish to any company, organisation and/or individual (together referred to as “you” in these Terms & Conditions) by or on behalf of Kallanish Limited or related companies (or referred to as “Kallanish”) except where and insofar as any alternative Terms & Conditions have been specifically agreed by Kallanish.  When you take out a subscription with Kallanish, you agree to be contractually bound by these Terms & Conditions.

These Terms & Conditions may be updated from time to time.

Commencement and Duration

The commencement date for paid subscription services will be the date on which you receive log in details or such other date as Kallanish may confirm to you in writing and the subscription period will be one year or as otherwise agreed, calculated to include the commencement date and with all dates and any times according to the time in London, England.


Subscriptions may be renewed at any time subject to any amendments notified before renewal.  Kallanish recommends that subscriptions are renewed at least 30 days prior to expiry.  For the avoidance of doubt, Kallanish has no obligation to accept any request to renew a subscription on the same terms as any existing subscription or at all.

Payment of fees

All subscription fees are due and payable to Kallanish in full in advance.  Should Kallanish accept a late payment or any terms for delayed payment, then this is done without prejudice to this and without waiving the right to demand any future payment in advance.  Fees are payable for the full period of the subscription and no refund or rebate in whole or in part is available in the event of early cancellation or termination during the subscription period.

Where a payment has not been made with respect to any subscription or any other service, information or materials supplied by Kallanish to the subscriber (whether or not under these terms and conditions), then Kallanish may,

(i) suspend the subscription service pending full payment of the outstanding amount(s) and,

(ii) if any such amount remains outstanding 7 days after written notice from Kallanish of Kallanish’s intention to do so, cancel the subscription without further notice, without prejudice to any right that Kallanish may have to recover the full amount of the subscription and any other outstanding amount(s) together with interest thereon.


The subscription is for the use of the individual subscriber, or, in the case of a company or organisation, for the use of one or more individuals within that company or organisation as agreed with Kallanish.  The individuals concerned are here referred to as ‘users’ and each one as a ‘user’.  Unless otherwise agreed, each user must have an individual e‑mail address designated to that particular user to which Kallanish will supply information as required in accordance with the subscription.  Each user requires an individual password to access subscription services and information.  Individual e‑mail addresses and passwords used by individual users in connection with Kallanish services must not be used by others unless this has been specifically agreed with Kallanish.

Use of information or anything else provided by Kallanish in connection with the subscription

(a)  Kallanish does not permit you or any third party to

(i) copy, reproduce, modify or store, or use other than to improve general knowledge and skills, any information or data provided in accordance with or in connection with your subscription, or to pass anything supplied in accordance with or in connection with the subscription to any third party, or

(ii) use any Kallanish trade mark or logo without express permission from Kallanish.  If you would like to use or do anything thus prohibited, please contact Kallanish.

(b)  Use of any information or material provided by Kallanish is entirely at your risk and in no circumstances is Kallanish responsible for any loss, damage or other negative consequence of use of information or material by you or anyone else.

(c)  Kallanish reserves the right to suspend, disconnect or discontinue any Internet related or electronic service without prior notice.  In the case of any service for which payment has been made, Kallanish will use its best endeavours to restore the service and/or provide a reasonably equivalent alternative service and/or provide the service by alternative means.

(d)  Kallanish is not responsible for any third party website, service or content contained within or accessed directly or indirectly via a Kallanish website, Internet or other electronic service or publication or material and you are solely responsible for your access to and any use of such third party content, website or services and for compliance with any terms & conditions that may apply to such use.

(e)  You expressly agree that you will not under any circumstances do anything to cause the content or use by any party of any website or publication of material or other Internet or electronic service provided by Kallanish to be changed, interrupted, misdirected or otherwise interfered with in any way.

(f)  In the course of accessing and/or using any Kallanish service you expressly agree that you will comply with all applicable laws, regulations and codes of conduct, and that you will not upload, enter, contribute or otherwise provide or do anything that interferes with the rights of others or is false, dishonest or offensive.

(g)  In accessing any Kallanish subscription service or receiving anything from Kallanish electronically, you warrant that you have in place systems to protect against any harm being caused to computer software, hardware or other equipment.

Third party rights

An individual company or organisation not party to any agreement between you and Kallanish shall not have or acquire any rights under or in connection with such agreement.


Kallanish welcomes feedback on its services.  If at any time you experience any difficulty with the subscription provided by Kallanish or, if you would like to discuss any issue arising in connection with the subscription, then please contact Kallanish at the earliest opportunity so that the difficulty or issue can be addressed as may be appropriate.


Any notice to be given to Kallanish by you in connection with the subscription(s) may be given by e‑mail to:


The subscription and/or the applicable terms and conditions, including those set out above, may be varied only by agreement in writing.

Law and jurisdiction

These Terms & Conditions shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of England and the parties agree to submit to the non-exclusive jurisdiction of the Courts of England in order to resolve any dispute or difference between the parties or to enforce or take any other legal action in connection with the subscription.