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Industry Steel

Date June 12, 2024 - June 13, 2024

Duration 1.5 days

Location Milan, Italy

Europe Steel Markets 2024

This event is past. Prospectus PDF



Europe Steel Markets 2024 conference took place at the NH Milano Congress Centre in Milan, Italy.


Platinum & Cocktail Sponsor

Vulcan Green Steel

Vulcan Green Steel (VGS) is the steel arm of Vulcan Green, part of the esteemed Jindal Steel Group with over 50 years of steelmaking expertise. Our greenfield steel complex in Duqm, Oman, will have an initial capacity of 5 million metric tons of decarbonized steel per annum (MTPA), running the production with 100% renewable energy, benefitting from Oman’s world-leading solar profile with 3,493 hours of sunshine every year and a superb wind potential with a wind energy density of 248 W/m², on a par with that of the world’s best location for wind power, the Netherlands.

Vulcan Green Steel represents our flagship initiative to produce “green steel” and combat climate change. Our Duqm plant is set to become one of the world’s largest green steel facilities. We are committed to utilizing green hydrogen, generated from renewable energy sources, in our steel production, ensuring a carbon footprint of less than 0.6-0.7 tons CO2 per ton of crude steel*.

With sustainability at the forefront of our agenda, we boast one of the lowest carbon footprints for virgin steel. As a sister company to Jindal Shadeed Iron and Steel (JSIS), operating under the umbrella of one of the largest private steelmakers in the GCC region, we currently offer a diverse product portfolio to meet various market needs.

Join us in revolutionizing the steel industry with sustainable practices. Contact us today to explore collaboration opportunities and experience our top-notch green steel solutions.


Gold Sponsor


Advanced equipment for coil processing

FIMIGroup is an important Italian industrial centre that operates in the world steel market, designing, manufacturing and installing plants and machines for coil processing.

Recognised as a worldwide leader, the evidence of its success is given by facts: more than 1.500 lines installed all over the world and many of these lines installed in the 1970s are still in operation and successfully performing.

More than 60 years of business spent aiming to a continuous development based on the search of advanced technological solutions always giving priority to performances and high quality of the products.

3 divisions to follow the Customer 360 degrees.

The plants built by the Machinery division are designed to meet the demands for maximum quality, reliability and productivity, with a focus on operator safety, sustainability and ease of maintenance.

The Service division provides the Customer with a punctual, flexible and professional after-sales service capable of providing concrete support throughout the life of the plant.

The Automation division implements hardware and software solutions for optimal plant performance, both from a productivity and a performance point of view.


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Kallanish Index Services

Kallanish Index Services (KIS) is a subsidiary of Kallanish Commodities, and specialises in compiling price indices for commodity markets using a rigorous, data-driven methodology. KIS is your trusted source for accurate hydrogen indices & data. Our hydrogen indices are compiled using a rigorous methodology, customised for different green, blue and grey hydrogen production processes.

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Association & Media Partners


EUROMETAL is the European federation of steel tubes and metals distribution and trading. The roots of EUROMETAL date back to 1950, when the European Community for Coal and Steel was created by Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. EUROMETAL members are national federations of steel, metals and tubes distribution as well as distribution, SSC and trading companies having cross border activities in European OECD countries.


Since its establishment in 1928, NASS has been successfully working to promote the interests of steel service centres throughout the UK. NASS is the only trade association covering the whole of the UK steel stockholding industry. NASS members supply steel to UK manufacturing and are a vital link in the supply chain from producer to customer, handling some 8 million tonnes of steel a year, principally to the construction, automotive and engineering industries.

GMK Center

GMK Center is a think-tank and consulting company with focus on CIS iron&steel sector. GMK Center offers comprehensive consulting services and industrial expertise, together with partners World Steel Dynamics (US) and Horst Wiesinger Consulting (Austria). GMK Center works with all key players in Ukraine – Metinvest, Interpipe, Ferrexpo, ArcelorMittal Kryviy Rih, DCH Steel, Centravis. Also, GMK Center highlights the main events and trends in steelmaking industry through the web-portal GMK Center is a communication platform as well, organizing forums, round tables and meetings for market participants.


UNESID is the steel production companies association of Spain. It comprises all the manufacturers of flat and longs steel products of Spain, in every quality: carbon, alloyed or stainless steel. Producers of steel tubes (seamless and welded), precision strip, cold finished, road restraint systems are also members of the Association.

Polska Unia Dystrybutorów Stali

Polska Unia Dystrybutorów Stali (Polish Association of Steel Stockholders) is an association of companies that distribute metallurgical products in Poland. Through a variety of activities, PUDS creates a platform for exchanging experiences, business contacts and joint ventures for companies for which steel is the main commercial product. The aim of PUDS is for the Polish steel industry to be integrated, steel distributors acted according to good commercial rules and the steel market in Poland was strong and competitive with foreign steel distribution companies.


UAHE is the Spanish Association of Steel Stockholding companies created in 1910. Our member companies stock, distribute and pre-process a wide range of steel products. We count with  more than 130 companies with nearly 200 warehouses all over the country.


siderweb - The Italian steel community is the only online information provider in Italy dedicated entirely to the steel supply chain. It is a point of reference for industry stakeholders, thanks to its sober style devoted to in-depth analysis and objectivity. Since 2005 it has organized Made in Steel and structured its contents: conferences, interviews, outlooks. Since 2009 it has been surveying the prices of almost 60 raw materials and steel products on the national market every week, with the method certified by the Laboratory of Statistics Data Methods and Systems of the University of Brescia. Since 2022 it has published 5 weekly indexes on scrap, carbon steel, long and flat products, and stainless steel.


MESTEEL is a Middle East b2b steel portal, providing buyers and sellers with, an in-depth database, steel offers, inquiries, news, jobs, information, events.


Flat Steel Import, Export and Industry Association was founded in 2003 by the founder president Mustafa Açıkalın, for the purpose of gathering flat steel importers, exporters and traders together with the industrialists who are engaged in manufacturing using flat steel, under one roof in an effective way; establishing cooperation and solidarity; working on the identification and solution of the requirements and problems of the industry.


Assofermet is the trade association that represents 450 trade and distribution companies nationwide in four different sectors: steel, with companies active in the trade, distribution and pre-processing of steel products; scrap, with plants that carry out collection, recovery, recycling and trade in ferrous scrap; metals, with companies in the trade, distribution, pre-processing and recycling of nonferrous scrap; and hardware, with companies in the trade and distribution of hardware and do-it-yourself items. Thanks to Assofermet, member companies can have access to all the most important general and detailed issues in their business sector, at the regulatory and market level. The association, which is part of Confcommercio-Imprese per l’Italia, is a key meeting point for companies, media and stakeholders involved in some of the most relevant sectors for the Italian economy.

Steel Exporters' Association​

Steel Exporters' Association is a non-profit business organization of more than 1250 companies representing the largest steel producers and exporters in the Turkish steel industry. It carries on its operations with the aim of increasing the export potential of the Turkish steel industry and paves the way for Turkish steel producers/exporters, with main objective to foster and attain sustainable global steel market based on free and fair trade. The Association also solves the problems of its member companies face at home and abroad, provides contact between members and foreign importers in order to ease the export processes, serves up-to-date domestic and global market news, reports and analyses. 

  • 9:00-10:00
  • 9:15-10:45

    Session 1: Europe’s place in a rapidly changing global steel industry

    European steelmakers saw profit margins fall drastically in 2023 after two positive years. Now, their competitive position is threatened further by rising carbon costs and the transition to low-emission production. The European economy barely avoided a recession in 2023, and automotive, the only major steel end-use sector to perform solidly in 2023, is expected to slow down in 2024. The share of imports in total European steel consumption meanwhile remained high in 2023. Nevertheless, the extension of Russian slab import quotas shows Europe’s dependence on feedstock imports. Despite lacking the resources to produce green steel competitively, the EU is charging ahead with more ambitious decarbonisation targets than any other region. EU steelmakers are at the forefront of converting to DRI-EAF or DRI-ESF production but will encounter renewable energy bottlenecks. Meanwhile, emerging markets, such as India, are rapidly expanding steel consumption to cater to urbanisation and consumer goods demand, and so need to build capacity fast before decarbonised technology is ready at scale. This has put them on a collision course with Europe. Thanks to optimum local conditions, Australia, Brazil and the Middle East are touted to become low-emission metallic feedstock supply hubs for mature economies like Europe, posing questions over supply chain sustainability. This session will aim to discuss global steel megatrends. It will look at how Europe is responding to and driving them. What are the prospects for European demand in the second half of the year? Will European steel output continue to decline during the coming years? How do major steelmakers in other regions view Europe’s blistering decarbonisation push, and how do they intend to respond?

    • •  How are European mills responding to rising carbon costs?
    • •  What prospects are there for European steel demand in 2024?
    • •  Will imports continue to occupy a large share in European consumption?
    • •  Are EU steelmakers’ DRI-EAF/ESF timelines realistic?
    • •  How will steelmakers in fast-developing countries like India deal with EU climate regulation?
    • •  Are green ore-based metallic supply hubs a viable model?
    • •  Does Europe need to reconcile itself to deindustrialisation amid continuously dropping steel production?

    Format: 10-12 min presentations + Q&A

    Moderator: Adam Smith, Global Editor, Kallanish Steel

  • 10:45-11:30

    ☕ Networking Break ☕

  • 11:30-13:00

    Session 2: Key markets beyond Europe - demand, investment & trade flows

    China’s hotly-anticipated Covid reopening underwhelmed, compounded by the country’s real estate sector woes. The Asian giant saw steel exports in 2023 approach the fabled 2015-2016 levels, causing the global supply chain to fret over margins again. Much of how 2024 plays out will depend on whether Chinese exports sustain or domestic demand improves, absorbing more production. Indian consumption is meanwhile growing fast, with steelmakers there investing into massive new, mainly blast furnace-based steelmaking capacity. The country has enjoyed lucrative coil exports to the EU in recent years. How will CBAM impact this trade? Amid its economic woes, Turkey is meanwhile yet to see post-earthquake reconstruction materialise. This will present a big opportunity for steel demand. The country has invested into significant new HRC capacity in recent years but must now compete with the resurgence of Chinese exports. The US market has a dynamic of its own, with strong internal demand, resilient economic growth and protection measures. There is uncertainty over the outcome of this year’s presidential election however and how this will impact steel demand. Big elections are also taking place this year in the EU, India, Mexico and Russia. How will these impact steel demand? Is there a possibility of normalisation in some steel trade relationships, such as between Europe and Russia?

    • •  Will Chinese steel demand recover this year, taking tonnages out of the export market?
    • •  When will stalled Indian demand return following the elections?
    • •  How will Indian steel exporters adapt to CBAM?
    • •  Will Turkey have sufficient steel supply to meet post-earthquake reconstruction demand?
    • •  How will the presidential election impact the resilient US economy?
    • •  How are trade flows being impacted by Red Sea shipping disruption?
    • •  What is the outlook for geopolitical tensions?
    • •  What is the next bright spot for steel demand?

    Format: 10-15 min presentations + panel

    Moderator: Paul Mullins, Director, Kallanish Commodities

  • 13:00-14:15

    🍴 Lunch Break 🍴

  • 14:15-15:45

    Session 3: Steel input costs – energy, freight and the raw materials rollercoaster

    Prices of iron ore, scrap and coking coal all remained elevated in 2023 amid supply tightness and firm Chinese steel production. What are the expectations for 2024? Will iron ore sentiment in China weaken? Will increasing Indian demand drive up coking coal prices? Will the firm US market make sourcing scrap more expensive? Scrap is under particular scrutiny due to its requirement for steelmaking electrification. Will there be a shortage of high-quality scrap supply for new EAF capacity? How likely is Europe to impose restrictions on scrap exports and what form will these take? What impact will banks ceasing to provide coal mine financing have on coking coal supply and pricing? How will new iron ore mines coming online in Africa tip the supply/demand balance? Freight rates are also in focus again amid the shipping disruptions in the Red Sea, which have significantly increased transit times and cost around the Cape of Good Hope. How is this impacting intercontinental steel trade and pricing? Rising energy costs and inflation have also impacted steel business, especially in Europe and Turkey. What are the prospects for this going forward? Raw materials, energy and freight costs will be analysed to understand the future direction of input costs across the ferrous supply chain.

    • •  What are the expectations for raw materials prices in 2024?
    • •  Will increased Indian demand tighten the coking coal market further?
    • •  Will the firm US market make sourcing scrap more expensive?
    • •  Will there be sufficient scrap to cater for steelmaking electrification?
    • •  How likely is Europe to impose restrictions on scrap exports and what form will these take?
    • •  How will new iron ore mines coming online in Africa tip the supply/demand balance?
    • •  How is the Red Sea shipping disruption impacting intercontinental steel trade and pricing?

    Format: 10-15 min presentations + panel

    Moderator: Tomas Gutierrez, Managing Editor Asia, Kallanish Steel

  • 15:45-16:30

    ☕ Networking Break ☕

  • 16:30-18:00

    Session 4: Steel supply chain – new and recurring challenges

    In recent years, the European steel supply chain has demonstrated its ability to quickly adapt to the ever-changing market scenario. In this session, speakers will analyse the new challenges faced by the steel supply chain. These challenges include uncertainty impacting freight cost and deliveries, the need to adjust to new CBAM regulations, and the increasing demand by end-users for steel processors and service centres to reduce their carbon footprint. Steelmakers are meanwhile having to manage raw material supply chain security amid global defragmentation and increased sustainability considerations. End-users will also share their views on demand and service expectations during the session.

    • • How are steel buyers coping with current freight cost and lead time volatility?
    • • What challenges are EU importers and their non-EU suppliers facing from CBAM?
    • • How are service centres and distributors responding to increasing end-user demand for lower Scope 3 emissions?
    • • What are the prospects for end-user steel demand in 2024?
    • • Can European buyers easily source commodity-grade HRC from domestic markets?
    • • What are Europe's alternative viable slab supply sources if Russian quotas are withdrawn?
    • • How are supply chains shifting to reduce virgin raw material use and increase recycling?
    • • How are producers working with input material suppliers to ensure reduced Scope 3 emissions?

    Format: 10-15 min presentations + Q&A

    Moderator: Emanuele Norsa, Head of Content, Siderweb

  • 18:00-20:00

    🍸 End Day 1 & Cocktail reception 🍸

The Europe Steel Markets 2024 conference programme is below.

  • 9:30

    Day 2 Conference Sessions Start

  • 9:30-11:00

    Session 5: Decarbonisation – a necessary challenge

    Decarbonisation is an all-encompassing megatrend that will drive decisions and investments in the steel industry for decades to come. The goal is clear. Reduce carbon dioxide emissions from an industry responsible for around 7% of them. But how do we get there? Is the technology ready? Are the resources sufficient? This session will examine the challenges faced by the industry to transition to low-emission production. Europe has been at the forefront of the push to lower emissions, with policymakers introducing CBAM and phasing out carbon allowances. How are European steelmakers faring with their transitions? Are service centres and distributors keeping up? How are steel buyers and end users preparing to absorb the pricing premiums associated with low-emission steel supply? Various European producers are investing heavily into hydrogen-based DRI-EAF steelmaking, supported by state subsidies, but is green hydrogen production viable in Europe? Is importing low-emission metallics from export hubs like Australia, Brazil and the Middle East a viable alternative? What are the challenges associated with securing sufficient high-quality scrap supply for low-emission steelmaking? How will the EU’s Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) impact global steel trade? What will become of newly commissioned Asian blast furnaces as the world heads unstoppably in the direction of increased environmental regulation?

    • •  Will insufficient renewable energy infrastructure prove to be a bottleneck for zero-emission DRI-EAF steelmaking?
    • •  Will green hydrogen availability suffice to cover demand in the early 2030s?
    • •  Is state aid for steel acceptable now?
    • •  Will green metallic supply hubs be a feasible business model?
    • •  What technological innovation is needed to remove scrap impurities?
    • •  Will resource nationalism increase amid scrap’s gaining importance?
    • •  What challenges do importers face with CBAM?
    • •  Given the various speeds of decarbonisation, what will become of Asian blast furnaces?

    Format: 10-15 min Presentations + Q&A

    Moderator: Christian Koehl, Editor Northern Europe, Kallanish

  • 11:00-11:45

    ☕ Networking Break ☕

  • 11:45-12:45

    Session 6: Steel outlook – supply, demand & pricing

    Key industry executives from different sectors will join a panel to discuss their views on steel supply, demand and prices for the coming six months. 2023 was a challenging year for steel markets, characterised by high raw material prices and low margins for finished steel prices as Chinese exports surged to close to 2015-2016 levels. What will be the trend for steel prices going forward? Should we expect stability in Chinese steel prices, and a reduction in exports? Is the Indian market going to continue to outperform other global indicators? Will Indian HRC exports to Europe maintain the impressive levels seen in 2023? The panel will discuss these issues and much more.

    • •  What is the outlook for steel prices in 2024?
    • •  What will be the main issues affecting trade?
    • •  Will Chinese exports come down?
    • •  How are safeguards impacting imports into the EU?
    • •  To what extent are European mills restricting supply?
    • •  Will raw material prices remain elevated in 2024?

    Format: panel discussion

    Moderator: Adam Smith, Global Editor, Kallanish Steel or Paul Mullins, Director, Kallanish

  • 12:45-13:00

    👋 Chairman's Closing Remarks 👋


Paolo Sangoi President Assofermet Acciai
Dr Henrik Adam Vice President - European Corporate Affairs Tata Steel Ltd
Carlo Beltrame CEO Donalam & LME at AFV Beltrame Group
Harssha Shetty Chief Executive Officer Jindal Shadeed Iron & Steel LLC
Rolando Paolone CEO and CTO Danieli Group
Stanislav Zinchenko CEO GMK Center
Luciana Filizzola Director Sustainability and Communications GMH Gruppe
Cesare Vigano Board Managing Director CLN Group
Selçuk Yilmaz Deputy General Manager Commercial Yildiz Demir Celik A.S.
Fernando Espada Tata Steel Layde Managing Director
Julian Verden Managing Director Europe Stemcor Group
Alessandro Fossati Managing Director Gamma Trade
Stefano Ferrari Chief Analyst Siderweb
Derek Langston Global Head of Dry Research Braemar Shipping
Stephane Tondo Technical Head Governmental Affairs & Climate Change ArcelorMittal Europe
Giovan Battista Landra Group Sustainability and Environment Director AFV Beltrame Group
Rafik Namir Head of Steel Trading, Export and Raw Materials Sourcing Maghreb Steel
Alessandro Sciamarelli Director of Economic and Market Analysis European Steel Association (EUROFER)
Gorkem Bolaca Managing Director Galex Steel International
James Moss Partner First River Consulting
Tommaso Sandrini CEO S.Polo Lamiere SPA
Alexander van de Voorde Associate Partner McKinsey & Company
Gunwook Dean Park Senior Manager SeAH Coated Metal Europe
Patrik Németh Marketing Strategist / Marketing Department Hyundai Steel
Tanmoy Mandal Director and Head - Metals and Mining Consulting Research & Consulting Group AG
Mario Borsese Co-Founder and Managing Partner DP Trade
Werner Wijne Category Manager Steel Royal Bam Group
Emanuele Norsa Head of Content Siderweb
Suhita Poddar Journalist Kallanish
Adam Smith Editor in Chief Kallanish
Christian Koehl Editor Northern Europe Kallanish
Paul Mullins Director Kallanish
Tomas Gutierrez Managing Editor Asia Kallanish
Arnaud Guerendel Vice President Sales Vulcan Green Steel LLC

Europe Steel Markets 2024 Attendees

Company Position Country
AFV Beltrame Group Group Sustainability and Environmental Director Italy
Akcelik Iron and Steel Inc. General Manager Turkey
Alex Stewart International Corporation Director Turkey
Al Ghurair Iron & Steel LLC Deputy Manager / Sales & Marketing United Arab Emirates
AMIC - an affiliate of TASNEE Business Development Metals Saudi Arabia
ArcelorMittal Europe Technical Head Governmental Affairs & Climate Change Luxembourg
ArcelorMittal Flat Europe Global Trade Policy Representative Belgium
ArcelorMittal Industeel Strategic Planning & Business Development France
Arkhon Panel Α.Ε. Procurement Greece
ARTROM STEEL TUBES S.A. Head of TehnoMarketing and Market Research Department Romania
ASP Trade SA CEO Switzerland
Assofermet Director Italy
Assofermet President Italy
Assofermet Head of Communications Italy
Assofermet President Italy
Assofermet Assofermet Legal Counsel Italy
Beltrame Group Group Communication Manager Italy
Blachotrapez Sp.zo.o. procurement director Poland
Bmg Latin America Inc CEO United States
Borusan Mannesmann Board Member Turkey
Braemar plc Global Head of Dry Research United Kingdom
Cetin Civata Chairman of the Board Turkey
CLN Group Board Managing Director Italy
Colakoglu Metalurji CEO Turkey
Comal SpA Manager Comal Ferlatta Italy
Comal SpA Purchase Manager Eusider Italy
Comal SpA Manager Eusider Italy
Court Holdings Limited Executive Vice President; Strategy & Technology France
Credit Europe Bank N.V. Senior Relationship Manager Netherlands
CRH Group Category Manager BCMM Netherlands
CRU Consultant Ukraine
DANCRO SA Manager Italy
Danieli & C. Officine Meccaniche SpA CEO and CTO Italy
Delta Steel Managing Director Switzerland
DELTASTEEL SA trader Switzerland
Dentons United Kingdom
Dentons Europe LLP Counsel Belgium
Diler Dis Ticaret Board Member Turkey
Donalam & LME AFV Beltrame Group CEO Romania
DP Trade Trader Switzerland
DP Trade Co-Founder & Managing Partner Switzerland
Ekinciler Iron and Steel Co. Executive Board Member Turkey
Erciyas Celik Boru San. A.Ş. President Turkey
Erdemir Chief Marketing and Sales Officer Turkey
Eternal Tsingshan Manager China
Eternal Tsingshan Manager China
EUROMETAL Director General Luxembourg
European Steel Association (EUROFER) Director of Economic and Market Analysis Belgium
FIMI Machinery Marketing Manager Italy
FIMI Machinery Product Manager Italy
FIMI Machinery Technical Director Italy
FIMI Machinery Sales Manager Italy
FIMI Machinery Sales Manager Italy
FIMI Machinery Sales Director Italy
FIMI Machinery Sales Back Office Italy
FIMI Machinery CEO Italy
Firstriver MD United States
First River Consulting Consultant Italy
Gabrielli SpA Manager Italy
Galex Steel International Managing Director United Arab Emirates
Gamma Trade Managing Director Switzerland
GMH Gruppe Director Sustainability and Communications Germany
GMK Center CEO Ukraine
GrafTech Switzerland S.A. Director, Marketing & Market Intelligence Switzerland
Hadley Group Procurement & Transport Director United Kingdom
Hanwa Italia S.R.L. Italy
Hanwa Italia S.R.L. Manager Italy
Hyundai Steel Slovakia s.r.o. Marketing Strategist Slovakia
İÇDAŞ Dis Ticaret A.Ş Chairman Turkey
Jefferies Analyst United Kingdom
Jefferies Analyst United Kingdom Managing director Germany
Jindal Shadeed Iron and Steel Corporate Communications
Jindal Shadeed Iron and Steel CEO India
Kallanish Director United Kingdom
Kallanish Asia Editor and Head of Data United Kingdom
Kallanish North American Journalist United States
Kallanish Global Editor
Kallanish Global Event Marketing Manager United Kingdom
Kallanish Journalist India India
Kallanish Business Development Germany
Kallanish Sales Manager Spain
Kallanish Events Director United Kingdom
Kallanish Journalist Germany
Kallanish Journalist United Arab Emirates
Kallanish Commodities Marketing Executive Bulgaria
Kallanish USA Journalist USA United States
Kandil steel Raw Material Purchasing Manager Egypt
Kandil Steel Export Sales Area Manager Egypt
Kibar dis ticaret a.s. Board Member and General Manager Turkey
Kingspan Ltd. Procurement Director Ireland
Kroman Celik Board Member Turkey
Lhoist Marketing Analyst Belgium
Lhoist Europe Commercial Manager Benelux Belgium
Lhoist SA Key Account Manager Belgium
Limea Fisma Purchasing Manager Italy
Maghreb Steel Director Steel Trading, Raw Materials Sourcing & Export Morocco
Mavimetal srl Commercial Italy
McKinsey Associate Partner Belgium
McKinsey & Company Analyst Germany
MESteel Manager United Arab Emirates
Metal One Deutschland GmbH Managing Director Germany
Metals Hub GmbH Senior Account Executive Germany
Metinvest Trametal Sales Director Italy Italy
Metinvest Trametal Head of Marketing Italy
Minmetals Germany Sales Manager Germany
MISETAL Trader international France
MISETAL Flat Steel, Aluminium & Stainless Steel Product Manager France
Moravia Steel Italia Srl Italy
NASS Director General United Kingdom
Navex CEO Asia Thailand
NAVEX Group CEO France
Nikel Paslanmaz Çelik Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş.. Director Turkey
NLMK Plates Sales Europe Marketing Analyst Belgium
Noviostaal - Acca Staal BV Advisor Netherlands
Pagouni S.A. PRESIDENT & CEO Greece
PUDS Head Manager Poland
Reggio Metals SpA Owner Italy
Research & Consulting Group AG Director and Head - Metals and Mining Consulting Germany
Rio Tinto Senior Sales Manager United Kingdom
Rio Tinto Sales Specialist United Kingdom
Roba Metals Commercial Director Netherlands
Roba Metals Steel Division Managing Director Netherlands
ROCKWOOL Belgium NV Regional Category Manager Belgium
Royal BAM Group nv Global Category Manager Steel Netherlands
Saarstahl Group Board Member Germany
Saarstahl Group Senior Sales Manager, Energy Transmission and Processing Germany
Savojni SSC Owner Italy
SeAH Coated Metal Europe Senior Manager Italy
Shijiazhuang Iron and Steel Co., Ltd Business representative China
Siderweb Market Analyst & Editor Italy
Siderweb Head of Content Italy
Siderweb Chief Analyst Italy
SMR GmbH CSO Austria
Soybas Vice President Turkey
Steelforce NV Trader Europe Belgium
Steelforce NV Trader Europe Belgium
Steelinvest Italia Srl Regional Manager Italy
Stemcor Managing Director - Europe United Kingdom
Stemcor United Kingdom
Tata Steel Manager Procurement Netherlands
Tata Steel Europe Regional Head Europe Italy
Tata Steel Europe Director, Regional Head Asia Netherlands
TATA Steel Europe Manager Steel Purchase Europe Netherlands
Tata Steel Layde Managing Director Spain
Tata Steel Limited VP European Corporate Affairs Netherlands
Tata Steel Netherlands Executive officer Netherlands
Tatcelik Marketing & Business Development Executive Turkey
Tatmetal Sales and Marketing Manager Turkey
Tatmetal Export Sales Specialist Turkey
UNICOIL General Manager Saudi Arabia
UNICOIL Sales Exectuive Saudi Arabia
VITKOVICE STEEL a.s. Procurement Director Czech Republic
Voestalpine Rohstoffbeschaffungs GmbH Managing director Austria
Vulcan Green Steel Business Strategy Oman
Vulcan Green Steel Business Development Director Europe
Vulcan Green Steel Business Development Director Europe
Vulcan Green Steel Llc Head Corporate Communications Oman
Vulcan Green Steel LLC Vice President Sales Oman
Wijngaard Natie Business Development Manager Belgium
Wijngaard Natie CEO Belgium
Willy Korf Foundation Chair Germany
Xiamen C&D Europe Managing Director China
Yametas A.S. Director Turkey
Yildiz Demir Celik Marketing and Customer Experience Director Turkey
Yildiz Demir Celik Deputy General Manager of Commercial Turkey
Yildiz Demir Celik CEO Office Turkey

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Previous Attendees

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Europe Steel Markets 2025 Attendees

Company Position Country
Hanwa Italia S.R.L. Manager Italy
UNICOIL General Manager Saudi Arabia
Yildiz Demir Celik Marketing and Customer Experience Director Turkey

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Event info

Industry Steel

Date June 12, 2024 - June 13, 2024

Duration 1.5 days

Location Milan, Italy

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