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Flat Steel 2022

None Oct. 20, 2022, Istanbul, Turkey 1 day 650.0 (Super Early Bird Physical) 295.0 (Super Early Bird Virtual)


Hybrid Conference

Kallanish will host its Flat Steel 2022 Conference both in-person and online giving full flexibility to attend in whichever suits you best.



The ongoing effects of the Covid pandemic, coupled with war in Ukraine and sanctions on Russia have been the central theme in 2022. This has come against a backdrop of rising international inflation, soaring energy costs, elevated freight and logistics costs, and changing trade flows.

This year’s Flat Steel 2022 conference will address the key geo-political and steel industry trends affecting the international coil markets through 2022 and 2023. Our panel of international experts will share their market views and offer strategies for success in a market defined by volatility and uncertainty.

Key Themes/Topics:

  • Outlook: Regional coil markets supply, demand, and price trends in focus
  • Price trends: Steel and raw material price trends reviewed and forecast
  • Trade flows: Changes in trade flows brought about by war and sanctions
  • Energy costs: Impact of soaring energy costs on production
  • Overcapacity: Analysis of the longer-term global market trends
  • End-user demand: Impact of rising costs, inflation, and supply chain risks
  • Green transition: Challenges of sustainable steel industry decarbonisation



Flat Steel 2022 hybrid conference will take place at the luxurious Ciragan Palace Kempinski

Address: Ciragan Palace Kempinski - Yıldız, Çırağan Cd. No:32, 34349 Beşiktaş/İstanbul, Turkey

*Please book your room directly with the hotel at your earliest convenience. We suggest booking early to avoid disappointment.


Platinum Sponsor

Borçelik started its activities in 1994 to produce “cold-rolled steel”. Borçelik increased its production capacity to 1.5 million tons following its investments totaling USD 530 million in 1994, 2003 and 2008. Borçelik has three cold rolling and three hot dip galvanized lines and is the biggest galvanized steelmaker of Türkiye offering the highest quality with 900.000 tons of galvanized capacity. Borçelik continues its activities under the partnership of Borusan Holding and ArcelorMittal, one of the largest global steelmakers.The company’s strong market position is based on dynamic workforce, innovation oriented approach, continuous investment to develop and grow, and customer-focused service and quality conception. Production activities in Gemlik are carried out at an area totalling 240 square meters. Borçelik carries out production in the hot dip galvanized steel, cold rolled steel and hot rolled steel (pickled and oiled) groups, all of which are used as raw material input in industry. Borçelik carries out production in commercial, drawing, deep-drawing and extra-deep drawing steel, as well as bake-hardening, dual phase, rephosphorized, HSLA (high strength low alloy), high-carbon steels, enameling and structural steel qualities. The annual 1.5 million tonnes production capacity of Borçelik consists of 600 thousand tonnes of cold rolled steel and 900 thousand tonnes of hot dip galvanized steel. Under Kerim Çelik brand, on the other hand, it offers services to its customers with a metal processing capacity of 500 thousand tons. 

Main customer groups of Borçelik are automotive main industry and sub industries, whitegoods, panel radiators, building and construction, pipe & profile, packaging, metal good producers and steel service centers. Borçelik regards itself as the industrial partner of its customers and anticipates the needs of its customers to present solutions accordingly. Borçelik regards technology and R&D as indispensable for its business. The company takes steps towards digitalization in its operational processes through the Industry 4.0 transformation and develops innovative products at its R&D center which is approved by the Ministry of Industry and Technology.



Flat Steel 2022 will be held in English only.


Associations & Media Partners

Demir Celik Store

Iron & Steel Store Magazine has established with 21 yearbook experiments. This establishment which publish to the sectors that Iron &Steel, Stainless Steel, Pipe, Machine, Logistics, Shipbuilding, Lifting and Carrying Machines, Warehousing, Cable, Lube Oils, Hydraulic – Pneumatic, Construction, Galvanize, Chrome, Aluminium, Molting, Automative Supplier Industry, White Goods Supplier Industry, has 5000 circulation for one month. It is reached to the readers with the subscription system and it is sent out to the Industry Sites, Organise Industry Areas and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the cities without charges. With the publication content, press quality, wide distribution network and the objectivitism, it become the leader of the sector in the second year of installation.


EUROMETAL is the European federation of steel tubes and metals distribution and trading. The roots of EUROMETAL date back to 1950, when the European Community for Coal and Steel was created by Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Luxembourg and the Netherlands. EUROMETAL members are national federations of steel, metals and tubes distribution as well as distribution, SSC and trading companies having cross border activities in European OECD countries.


Since its establishment in 1928, NASS has been successfully working to promote the interests of steel service centres throughout the UK. NASS is the only trade association covering the whole of the UK steel stockholding industry. NASS members supply steel to UK manufacturing and are a vital link in the supply chain from producer to customer, handling some 8 million tonnes of steel a year, principally to the construction, automotive and engineering industries.

Japan Metal Daily

Japan Metal Daily (Tekko Shimbun, JMD) is the largest Japanese daily newspaper focusing on Steel and Non-ferrous metal industries. While we
are based in Japan, our reporting is not limited to Japan but also events occurring in Asia and other regions, such as global alliances between corporations, especially Kallanish. 

Association partner: Steel Exporters' Association​

Steel Exporters' Association is a non-profit business organization of more than 1250 companies representing the largest steel producers and exporters in the Turkish steel industry. It carries on its operations with the aim of increasing the export potential of the Turkish steel industry and paves the way for Turkish steel producers/exporters, with main objective to foster and attain sustainable global steel market based on free and fair trade. The Association also solves the problems of its member companies face at home and abroad, provides contact between members and foreign importers in order to ease the export processes, serves up-to-date domestic and global market news, reports and analyses. To learn more about the Turksh Steel Exporters Association please visit:




Rate In-Person Online
Super Early Bird (expires: 26 August) €650 €295
Early Bird (expires: 28 September) €750 €495
Full Price (from: 29 September) €850 €495


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Flat Steel 2022 Oct. 20, 2022, Istanbul, Turkey

  • 9:30-11:00

    Session 1: International coil markets outlook

    After looking in 2021 like it would enjoy a robust recovery from the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the global steel market has been rocked by a confluence of factors in 2022. Rising energy prices, soaring inflation, US monetary tightening, Covid-hit Chinese demand and, of course, the outbreak of war in Ukraine have combined to bring a swift halt to economic recovery and tip global markets towards possible recession. Chinese suppliers have returned to the export market and are competing with India for business in Vietnam and the Middle East. Indian mills enjoyed lucrative deals in the EU earlier this year but were hit by a 15% export duty imposed in May, as well as falling European demand once the initial Ukraine war shock had worn off. Various EU blast-furnace based flat steelmakers have thus been forced to curb production, while Indian mills have brought forward summer maintenance stoppages. Nevertheless, on the demand side, India looks to be one of few bright spots for future growth, thanks to massive government infrastructure investment. Hopes for Chinese economic stimulus in 2022 are meanwhile gradually fading as the government continues its heavy-handed zero-Covid policy that results in regular lockdowns and stifled economic activity. The automotive industry is meanwhile taking longer than initially anticipated to recover from components shortages, which have been exacerbated by the Ukraine war. And, with Covid restrictions easing and social life returning, consumers are spending less income on home appliances and more on high-contact service activities. The energy crunch is nevertheless sure to accelerate the transition to renewable energy, which will in the longer term require substantial steel to construct the necessary infrastructure. The war in Ukraine has taken a major flat steel supplier out of the market, while Russian product is not keenly bought on international markets due to a combination of economic sanctions, banking restrictions and buyers self-sanctioning. The market panic originally caused by this development has now subsided and transitioned into widespread economic gloom. How have disrupted trading patterns and economic sanctions impacted global flat steel trade? When will automotive production recover? Will more steelmaking capacity need to be idled to balance supply with lower demand? How will the US trade deals with the EU, Japan and UK impact trade? To what extent will CBAM protect the EU market and limit EU mills’ ability to export? What does the future hold for the global coil market? All these issues and more will be discussed in this session by top steel industry executives.

    Format: 10-12 min presentations + Q&A

    • Ukraine war impact on trade
    • How successful have Russian mills been reorienting exports?
    • Mills’ competitiveness amid rising energy costs, inflationary pressure
    • Monetary tightening effect on steel-consuming project activity
    • China economic stimulus prospects
    • European steel demand outlook amid possible recession
    • Automotive sector recovery progress – can steelmakers count on demand?
    • India export duty impact – will mills successfully export boron-added HRC?
    • CBAM impact on EU imports/exports
  • 11:00-11:30

    ☕ Networking Break ☕

  • 11:30-13:00

    Session 2: Steel pricing trends

    Coil prices have been on a rollercoaster ride since the beginning of 2022. After steadily declining throughout the second half of 2021 and into 2022 as supply rebalanced with demand following the shock of Covid-19, values ballooned again at the end of February following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. In some regions, such as Europe, prices reached all-time highs in March, exceeding previous peaks in 2021. Prices have now normalised and fallen below the levels seen in February prior to the surge. This, coupled with regular logistics disruptions, has caused major challenges for coil buyers’ procurement and cost management. On the one hand, spiralling energy costs and inflationary pressure are making production more expensive, while, on the other, slowing economic growth and talk of a possible recession are subduing steel demand and seeing mills in some regions cut production. These production cuts extend to mills in China, which also curbed output last year, the difference now however being that cuts are self-imposed because demand is weakening considerably. The fading likelihood of substantial economic stimulus is unlikely to change this. Were China to export its surplus output, however, this could severely depress global prices. A favourite export market of Chinese and other Asian suppliers, the Gulf Cooperation Council, is meanwhile investing in some 4 million tonnes/year of new hot strip capacity, which is likely to somewhat dampen intercontinental trade. Despite its ferrous export duty imposition, Indian mills have managed to continue HRC exports by alloying steel with boron to circumvent the measures. The boron-added HRC is however not being readily accepted by all markets, most notably the EU. The union made limited changes recently to its safeguard tariff-rate quotas, applying quotas to countries such as Vietnam for such products as hot-dip galvanized coil. How will this change affect trade and pricing in the EU, and what knock-on effect will it have on global markets? Will Indian mills successfully pursue boron-added HRC exports? To what extent have low-priced Russian offers impacted global steel pricing? How likely is China to export surplus steel this year amid low domestic demand, and what effect will this have on pricing? To what extent will the steel-demand balance be disrupted by new capacity in some regions? How successful will suppliers be in passing costs on to steel sales prices given the possibility of a global recession? This session will bring together distinguished panellists to discuss these topics and more.

    Format: 10-15 min presentations + panel

    • Coil price outlook for Q4 and 2023
    • Logistics disruptions impact on pricing
    • The dilemma of rising energy costs/inflation during economic slowdown/recession
    • Likelihood and impact of China ramping up exports
    • New capacity investments impact on supply-demand/pricing
    • Outlook for Indian mills’ boron-added HRC exports
    • Protectionism still a factor influencing pricing?
    • Russian steel’s ability to find new markets and influence pricing
    • US trade deals impact on trade patterns and pricing
    • More EU blast furnaces to be idled? What effect on prices?
  • 13:00-14:30

    🍴 Lunch Break 🍴

  • 14:30-16:00

    Session 3: The Energy transition and investment

    The world is undergoing an energy transition, driven mainly by climate concerns, which will impact the entire economic spectrum. The energy-intensive steel industry accounts for about 8% of global CO2 emissions and is at the forefront of investments into new low-carbon technologies. The EU, in particular, is tightening its Carbon Emissions Trading System and has tabled plans to implement a Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism. These are designed to motivate EU steelmakers to invest in reducing emissions, as well as encourage global producers who supply to the EU market to do the same. The Chinese government has also pledged environmental commitments, but these have been overshadowed this year by efforts to ensure economic stability amid the somewhat brutal impact of China’s zero-Covid policy. In a blow to regulating emissions in the US, the Supreme Court recently ruled that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) does not have the authority to mandate carbon emission caps for extant power plants. Following the outbreak of war in Ukraine and subsequent sanctions on Russia, meanwhile, prices of fossil fuels have soared. This has underscored the need to move to renewable and sustainable energy sources. Numerous steelmakers across the globe are turning to hydrogen as the fuel of the future, with hydrogen-fuelled direct reduced iron feeding renewables-powered EAFs being the production route of choice. The technology required for hydrogen-based steelmaking exists but production of green hydrogen using renewable energy remains expensive in many regions. These costs will come down with time, but in the short term, low-carbon steel is likely to be significantly more expensive than traditionally produced steel. How likely are consumers to accept this increased cost? To what extent will governments across the globe be compelled to provide policy support for steelmakers’ low-carbon ambitions? To what extent can existing natural gas infrastructure be repurposed for use with hydrogen? How will industry solve the renewable energy storage question, given there will be periods of reduced energy production? Is the EU carrying out its transition too hastily and thereby penalising steelmakers? How can policy be adjusted to take into account EU steel exports outside of the bloc? India and ASEAN are seeing a spate of new blast furnaces being commissioned. Will these assets ultimately end up stranded or can they be adapted to suit global climate goals? This session will aim to answer all these questions and discuss the opportunities and challenges behind decarbonising the steel industry.

    Format: 10-15 min presentations + panel

    • Hydrogen infrastructure viability for steelmaking
    • Renewable energy storage issue
    • Low-carbon steelmaking technology developments
    • Consumer market readiness for costlier low-carbon steel
    • Policy support for decarbonisation – is it enough?
    • EU as frontrunner – how do EU ETS and CBAM need to be amended?
  • 16:00-16:30

    ☕ Networking Break ☕

  • 16:30-18:00

    Session 4: Coil distribution, processing & end-use markets

    Considering the unhinged volatility in steel prices this year, steel buyers have had very difficult purchasing decisions to make. Many distributors and service centres rushed to buy product following the outbreak of war in Ukraine, when mills temporarily stopped offering and prices skyrocketed, but have only just received delivery of this material, now that many product prices are back to pre-war levels. Those buyers who stocked up at the beginning of the year have profited. Certain end-use sectors such as construction, meanwhile, were forced to pause or reduce activity because prices of steel inputs soared far above budget. How are distributors able to manage margins given their high-priced inventories and current lower price expectations of buyers? How have importers adapted to the cutting off of Russian steel supply and disruption to Ukrainian supply? How have end users been able to ensure continuity of operations amid prohibitively high steel input costs? The automotive industry meanwhile continues to be constrained by semiconductor shortages, which are expected to last well into 2023. How has this impacted service centres whose business is geared towards automotive, and what are they doing to mitigate the impact? What is the outlook for automotive production beyond 2023? Will the current pent-up demand for cars result in production growth and therefore rising demand for automotive sheet? With life seemingly returning to normal in most regions outside of China after the Covid-19 pandemic, meanwhile, consumers are spending less income on home appliances and more on high-contact service activities. The white goods sector is thus forecast to be a drag on steel-using sectors’ output growth in 2022. What are the prospects for the sector beyond this year? The outbreak of war in Ukraine has dented prospects for economic growth globally, but nowhere more so than in Europe due to its geographical proximity and dependence on Russian gas. The blow this has dealt to confidence puts a big question mark over new investments in the short term. The looming energy supply crisis expected to hit Europe this winter also spells trouble for industrial production, as gas will be rationed and households prioritised over industry. What does this mean for production at end users in the continent? A potential global recession is meanwhile likely to impact end-use activity in all regions, although India’s economy has been a bright spot in 2022, supported by government spending. How likely is this to absorb excess Indian steel output amid export duties? How is end-user industry output being affected in Turkey after the country significantly increased electricity rates from July? Are Turkish flat steel-consuming end users able to procure sufficient feedstock tonnages from the local market, or does this continue to be a problem like in earlier years? This session will bring together a range of steel buyers and end users to discuss all these topics and more.

    Format: 10-15 min presentations + Q&A

    • Margin management amid price volatility
    • Shifting trade patterns – finding alternatives to Russian and Ukrainian steel
    • Automotive industry prospects amid semiconductor shortages
    • End-user industry production outlook amid looming energy shortages
    • Turkish end-use industry hurdles to sourcing flat steel
  • 18:00-20:00

    🍸 End & Cocktail reception 🍸

Flat Steel 2022 Oct. 20, 2022, Istanbul, Turkey

Previous Attendees


Browse the lists below to see last years conference attendees.

Flat Steel 2021 virtual conference Attendees

Company Position   Country  
Akcelik Iron and Steel Inc. General Manager Turkey
Alcar Wheels Managing Director Austria
ArcelorMittal CLN Board Managing Director Italy
Becker Stahl Service CEO Germany
Borusan Mannesman Purchasing and Procurement Director Turkey
Borusan Mannesmann Board Member Turkey
Borusan Mannesmann Purchasing Manager Turkey
CARES CEO United Kingdom
Cetin Civata Chairman of the Board Turkey
China Metallurgical Planning and Research Institute President China
Cleveland-Cliffs Inc. Chairman, President and CEO United States
Cofralux SA Managing Director Luxembourg
Colakoglu Metalurji Sales and Marketing Director Turkey
Colakoglu Metalurji CEO Turkey
Colakoglu Metalurji Sales Manager Turkey
Colakoglu Metalurji Flat Products / Commercial Segment Manager Turkey
Colakoglu Metalurji Sales Manager Turkey
Colakoglu Metalurji Corporate Communications Manager Turkey
Colakoglu Metalurji Sales Planning Manager Turkey
Colakoglu Metalurji Flat Products / Automotive&Manufacturing Segment Turkey
C. Steinweg nv Belgium & France CEO Belgium
CV Aceros Spain
DACS, Inc. Sales & Marketing Associate United States
Diler Dis Ticaret Board Member Turkey
DITH Australia Trader Australia
DNT Company Limited Owner / Director United Kingdom
DP Trade CEO Italy
DUFERCO Germany MD Germany
Ekinciler Iron and Steel Co. Executive Board Member Turkey
Emballator Metal Group Purchasing Manager Sweden
Emballator UK Ltd Managing Director United Kingdom
Emirates steel Chief Technical Services & Project Officer United Arab Emirates
Erciyas Celik Boru San. A.Ş. President Turkey
Erdemir Marketing & Sales Director Turkey
Eurometal Secretary General
EUROMETAL Officer Luxembourg
European Steel Association (EUROFER) Director of Economic and Market Analysis Belgium
FAF-Produtos Siderúrgicos Board Member Portugal
Foulath Holding Group CEO Bahrain
Fowle & Co Ltd Purchasing Manager United Kingdom
Gabrielli SpA Owner Italy
GMK Center Ukraine
GMK Center Chief Analyst Ukraine
GMK Center Ukraine
GMK Center Analyst Ukraine
Gourmet Settings Ceo Canada
HADEED Sr. Analyst, FP Marketing Saudi Arabia
HADEED Specialist, FP Marketing Saudi Arabia
İÇDAŞ Dis Ticaret A.Ş Chairman Turkey
Immib Market Research Analyst Turkey
Immib Secretary General of İMMİB Turkey
Immib Deputy Secretary Turkey
Immİb Turkey
International Trade Administration US Department of Commerce Director United States
International Trade Administration US Department of Commerce Director United States
International Trade Administration US Department of Commerce Team Lead United States
Jindal Steel & Power Ltd Managing Director India
Kallanish Manager United Kingdom
Kallanish Global Editor
Kallanish Managing Editor Asia United Kingdom
Kallanish Events Director United Kingdom
Kallanish Sales Executive Germany
Kallanish Managing Editor North America
Kallanish Editor Southern Europe
Kallanish Commodities Marketing Executive Bulgaria
Kallanish Commodities Kallanish N.American Editor United States
Kallanish Consulting Services Consultant Singapore
Kandil Steel Chief Corporate Development Officer Egypt
Kerri shpk Risk Managment Albania
Kibar dis ticaret a.s. Board Member and General Manager Turkey
Kroman Celik Board Member Turkey
Laura Staalcenter Maastricht BV Commercial director Netherlands
Lhoist SA Key Account Senior Analyst Belgium
Limea Fisma Purchasing Manager Italy
Malcolm Clarke Managing Director United Kingdom
Marubeni-Itochu Steel Inc. Jebel Ali Commercial Manager United Arab Emirates
MESteel United Arab Emirates
Metalsac Deputy Chairman Turkey
Midrex Technologies Senior Key Account Manager United States
MMK Sales and Marketing Turkey
NASS Office & Events Manager United Kingdom
NASS Director General United Kingdom
Pesmel Oy Area Sales Manager Poland
Saferoad Procurement Director Norway
Seametal San. Ve Dis Tic. Ltd. Sti. Turkey
Snop MT Stahl GmbH Manager Purchasing Germany
Soybas Steel Vice President Turkey
SSAB Director Global Strategy Projects Sweden
SSAB Vice President Sustainable Business and Public Affairs Sweden
SSAB Europe Director Business Development Spain
SSY Consultancy & Research Senior Director United Kingdom
SteelData Business Development Manager Turkey
Stemcor Manager Sweden
Stemcor Director Nordic United Kingdom
Stemcor Trader United Kingdom
Stemcor Director United Kingdom
Stemcor AG Trader Spain
Stolle EMS Ltd Purchasing Manager United Kingdom
TATA Automotive Netherlands
TATA Steel Manager, Industry Insights Netherlands
Tata Steel Europe Market Intelligence Manager, Energy & Power at Tata Steel Europe United Kingdom
Tata Steel Europe Marketing Manager Distribution Netherlands
Tata Steel Europe Director Business and Commercial Development Netherlands
Tata Steel Europe Netherlands
Tata Steel Layde Managing Director Spain
Tata Steel Ltd Sr. Manager - Marketing Research & Sales India
Tezcan Galvaniz Commercial Director Turkey
thyssenkrupp Materials Processing Europe S.L. CEO Spain
ThyssenKrupp Materials Services GmbH Head of Governance and Procurement Germany
Thyssenkrupp Schulte GmbH Senior Procurement Manager Germany
Thyssenkrupp Schulte GmbH Head of Category Management Carbon Steel Flat Germany
TRUTZI SRL Purchase Manager Romania
Turkish Steel Exporters' Association (CIB) RESEARCH Turkey
Turkish Steel Exporters' Association (CIB) Market Research Analyst Turkey
Turkish Steel Exporters' Association (CIB) Analyst Turkey
UNICOIL Senior Materials Officer Saudi Arabia
UNICOIL Senior Coordinator – Purchase & Shipping Saudi Arabia
UNICOIL Procurement Manager Saudi Arabia
UNICOIL Sales Manager Saudi Arabia
UNICOIL Material Officer Saudi Arabia
UNICOIL Sales Engineer Saudi Arabia
Union Galvasteel Corporation AVP - Procurement Philippines
Universal Metal Coating Company (UNICOIL) General Manager - Commercial Operations Saudi Arabia
Universal Metal Coating Company (UNICOIL) Marketing Manager Saudi Arabia
Vale Account Manager United Arab Emirates
Vale International Account Manager (Middle East & Malaysia) United Arab Emirates
Vale International United Arab Emirates
VALE International SA DUBAI Iron Ore Sales United Arab Emirates
Vita Handelshuas FZE Commercial Manager United Arab Emirates
Vogel Stahl BV Owner & Director Netherlands
Weyland gmbh CEO Austria
Witte van Moort BV CEO Netherlands
Yametas A.S. Director Turkey

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Euro-Turkey-CIS Flat Steel 2020 Attendees

Company Position   Country  

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Euro-Turkey-CIS Flat Steel 2019 Conference Attendees

Company Position   Country  
Agir Haddecilik (YISAD) Commercial Director Turkey
Almet Trading Trader United Kingdom
Almet Trading Import/Export Manager Azerbaijan
Almet Trading Director - London Office United Kingdom
Ansteel Spain, S.L. Spain
Ansteel Spain, S.L. Sales Representative Spain
Arcelik Purchasing Specialist - Carbon Steel Turkey
Arcelik Group Purchasing Manager Turkey
ArcelorMittal Marketing Manager Turkey
Arkhon Panel Α.Ε. --- Viemetal Group Procurement Greece
Azmi Garment Services Private Limited Self-Employed India
Bamesa Factory Manager Turkey
Bamesa Purchasing Director Turkey
Bamesa Purchasing Responsible Turkey
Bamesa Aceros SL Purchasing Area Manager Spain
Borcelik Sales Manager Turkey
Borcelik Sales Director Turkey
Borcelik Export Area Sales Manager Turkey
Borcelik General Manager Turkey
Borcelik Marketing and Strategy Development Senior Specialist Turkey
Borcelik Innovation, Marketing and Strategy Development Manager Turkey
Borcelik Sales Executive Turkey
Borcelik Sales Director Turkey
Borcelik Sales Manager Turkey
Borcelik Marketing & Strategy Manager Turkey
Borcelik Sales Manager Turkey
Borusan Mannesmann Executive Vice President Turkey
Borusan Mannesmann Purchasing Manager Turkey
Borusan Mannesmann (CIB) Board Member Turkey
Business Connection BV Netherlands
CEBID - Turkish Steel Pipe Manufacturers Association Secretary General Turkey
CIB - Turkish Steel Exporters Association Public Relations Officer Turkey
CIB - Turkish Steel Exporters Association Market Analyst Turkey
Colakoglu Metalurji Flat Products / Automotive&Manufacturing Segment Turkey
Colakoglu Metalurji Sales Manager Turkey
Colakoglu Metalurji Flat Products / Commercial Segment Manager Turkey
Colakoglu Metalurji Marketing Specialist Associate Turkey
Colakoglu Metalurji Sales Planning Supervisor Turkey
Cumic Steel Limited Business Manager Turkey
Demir Celik Store Marketing Manager Turkey
DESCOURS ET CABAUD Purchase Manager France
Erdemir Marketing Executive Turkey
EU-Metal Vice President Europe Belgium
Galex Steel International Managing Director United Kingdom
Galva Metal Purchasing Manager Turkey
Galva Metal Export Chief Turkey
GMK Center Analyst Ukraine
Gokmetal Sac Sanayi ve Dis Tic A.S. Marketing & CRM Specialist Turkey
Gokmetal Sac Sanayi ve Dis Tic A.S. Chairman Turkey
Gokmetal Sac Sanayi ve Dis Tic A.S. Purchasing Manager Turkey
Gokmetal Sac Sanayi ve Dis Tic A.S. Assistant to the General Manager Turkey
Gokmetal Sac Sanayi ve Dis Tic A.S. Coordinator Turkey
Indo International Trading FZCO - European market Vice President Switzerland
JFE Meranti CEO Singapore
JFE Shoji Trade Corporation Istanbul Liaison Office Machinery Turkey
JFE Shoji Trade Corporation Istanbul Liaison Office General Manager Turkey
JFE Shoji Trade Corporation Istanbul Liaison Office Steel Turkey
John Cockerill Industry Sales Manager Belgium
JSW Steel Vice President India
Koddaert nv Sales & Purchasing Belgium
Koddaert NV Management Belgium
Liberty Steel Newport Ltd Manager United Kingdom
Marubeni-Itochu Steel Inc. Istanbul Branch Senior Manager Turkey
Metinvest International SA - Istanbul Branch Office Director Turkey
Metinvest International SA - Istanbul Branch Office Senior Sales Manager Turkey
MISETAL Turkey Office General Manager Turkey
MISETAL Flat Steel Product Manager France
MMK Metalurji Senior Sales Manager Turkey
MMK Metalurji MMK Russia Sales Supervisor Turkey
M Steel Owner Turkey
Nippon Steel Europe GmbH General Manager Germany
NLMK Turkey Çelik Ticaret A.Ş. General Manager Turkey
NLMK Turkey Çelik Ticaret A.Ş. General Manager Turkey
NUSTEEL Singapore Pte Ltd Vice President Singapore
Oyak Mining Metallurgy Group International Marketing and Sales Director Turkey
Pasek Sales Manager Spain
PISEC Group Austria GmbH Head of Sales Steel Department Austria
Port of Antwerp Key Account Manager - Shippers & Forwarders Belgium
ReKo Stahl GmbH member of executive board Austria
Sami Soybas Steel Industry & Trade Partner & Export Manager Turkey
Samsung C&T - Istanbul Office Head of Steel Trade Turkey
Soybas Steel Vice President Turkey
S. POLO LAMIERE Spa Manager Italy
SteelData Business Development Manager Turkey
Steel Era Turkey
Steel Exporters' Association Chief Turkey
Tata International Metals UK Ltd. Trade Manager United Kingdom
Tata International Metals UK Ltd. Trading Manager United Kingdom
Tatmetal Head of Sales and Purchasing Turkey
TATMETAL Foreigh Trade Chief Turkey
TATMETAL Export Manager Turkey
TATMETAL Member of the board Turkey
TATMETAL Foreign Trade Specialist Turkey
Tatmetal (YISAD) President Turkey
TCUD Expert Turkey
TCUD Expert Turkey
TCUD Marketing Expert Turkey
TCUD Marketing Manager Turkey
TCUD Managing Editor Turkey
TCUD - Turkish Iron and Steel Producers Association Secretary General Turkey
TCUD - Turkish Steel Producers Association Managing Editor Turkey
Tezcan Galvaniz Commercial Director Turkey
Titus d.o.o. Director of Supply Chain Slovenia
Vogel Stahl BV Owner & Director Netherlands
Wildco sprl / Weiye Steel Trading (Shanghai) Co. Ltd Director China
Yametas A.S. Director Turkey
Yildiz Demir Celik A.S. SUPPLY CHAIN DIRECTOR Turkey
Yildiz Demir Celik A.S. Strategic Marketing and Corporate Communications Manager Turkey
Yildiz Demir Celik A.S. Export manager Turkey
YILDIZ DEMIR CELIK A.S. Domestic Sales Specialist Turkey
YILDIZ DEMIR CELIK A.S. Planning and Logistics Manager Turkey

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