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The Kallanish Glossary aims to be a useful resource for complex industry specific terminology. We are constantly adding to our glossary, so if you have a suggestion or amendment please do get in touch.
AC Electric Arc Furnace (AC EAF)

An AC arc furnace makes use of three electrodes to distribute energy.

Charging the furnace

Putting scrap or other iron raw material in the electric arc furnace for melting into steel.

DC Electric Arc Furnace (DC EAF)

A DC arc furnace makes use of one electrode to distribute energy.


Direct Reduced Iron.  A group of processes for making iron from ore by removing the oxygen from the iron ore. No blast furnace is needed.

EAF tap-to-tap time

The period when the electric arc furnace begins to pour molten steel until it finishes pouring molten steel.

Electric arc furnace (EAF)

A furnace that melts steel scrap using the heat generated by a high power electric arc. During the melting process, elements are added to achieve the correct chemistry and oxygen is blown into the furnace to purify the steel.


Raw materials.

Flat-rolled mills

Steel mills that produce a type of finished rolled steel product like steel strip and plate.

Fume evacuation system

(Or baghouse or elephant house)  An air pollution control device and dust collector that removes particulates or gas released from commercial processes out of the air.

Graphite electrodes

A rod made of graphite which serves to transfer the electrical energy from the power supply to the steel melt in the EAF bath.

Greenfield mill

A mill that is newly built rather than rebuilding an existing mill.

Green premium

How much a customer will pay above the normal price to buy a low carbon product.


Behaviour that makes people believe that a company is doing more to protect the environment than it really is.


Hot Briquetted Iron.  A premium form of DRI that has been compacted under high temperature and pressure to reduce transport risk.

Melt shop

Where the molten steel is produced and cast into semifinished steel products.

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