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July, 5th 2020

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Weekly Steel

Week 28 July 11, 2017

Scrap/iron ore differential at record level amid recovery

Last week global scrap and iron ore prices continued their recovery, supporting the overall positive trend for finished steel prices. Scrap levels in Turkey are rapidly approaching the annual peak registered at the beginning of March this year, while iron ore remains almost $30/t below the record level of February …

Week 27 July 4, 2017

Firm raw material prices support steel

Last week the global ferrous market continued to enjoy a positive momentum, as raw material prices remained firm and continued to support finished steel levels across the globe.

Iron ore stabilised at levels above the $60/t CFR Qingdao, a level not recorded since end of May this year. The firm …

Week 26 June 27, 2017

Bleak outlook for iron ore, but price holds

Last week, CitiBank published its revised outlook for the iron ore market. According to the latest analysis from the bank, iron ore prices are set to continue their negative trend in order to force producers to reduce output and rebalance supply and demand. Citi says that iron ore has to …

Week 25 June 20, 2017

Pressures ease on steelmaking raw materials

Last week the steel market saw the pressure on raw material prices easing slightly. Iron ore levels moved up toward the end of the week and scrap prices reached the highest point since March this year.

Iron ore prices closed the week near $55/tonne cfr Qingdao, much lower than the …