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July, 5th 2020

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Weekly Steel

Week 28-19 July 16, 2019

Global HRC prices more volatile than rebar in H1 2019

During the first six months of this year, global HRC prices have been much more volatile than rebar levels. While this is not to be considered an anomaly in the market, the first part of this year has been characterised by sharp movements in the flats sector, mainly due to …

Issue27-19 July 9, 2019

Kallanish Steel Weekly: How are the German steel webshops faring?

BOF-based producers are facing severe pressure due mainly to increasing raw material costs, with closures confirmed and threats of potential closures in several regions. The only solution may be to slow down and stop inefficient facilities, says the International Rebar Exporters and Producers Association (Irepas) in its monthly market report.  …

Issue26-19 July 2, 2019

Kallanish Steel Weekly: Brexit remains major concern for UK steel industry

The UK steel sector is facing ever greater uncertainty as a result of Brexit, according to various speakers at the Kallanish Europe Steel Markets 2019 in Amsterdam last week. Although this is unlikely to be resolved in the near future, the sector could also have an enormous opportunity, however, if it is …

Issue25-19 June 25, 2019

Kallanish Steel Weekly: Global prices for flat products continue to erode

The market for flat products has been suffering from increasing pressure since the second part of last year, as prices have started to trend down globally due to a slowdown in demand. This has happened, nevertheless, as input costs (particularly iron ore prices) have continued to remain elevated, severely impacting …