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The Kallanish Glossary aims to be a useful resource for complex industry specific terminology. We are constantly adding to our glossary, so if you have a suggestion or amendment please do get in touch.

Galvanizing is the word given to the process of applying a thin layer of zinc or zinc-aluminium alloy to steel thus providing corrosion resistance. The two principal coating methods are continuous galvanizing and batch (or general) galvanizing. Continuous galvanizing is used to coat flat-rolled steel (mostly cold reduced, but some hot rolled), and also wire and tube. Zinc is applied either by hot-dip coating (the steel passes through a pot of molten zinc) or electrolytic coating (deposition takes place in a series of electrolytic cells). Hot dip is the most common method as it is cheaper. 


Galvanneal refers to a sheet steel product that is annealed after hot dip galvanizing with zinc. The coated steel product is given exceptional corrosion resistance due to the external zinc-iron alloy coating.


The gauge of sheet steel is what determines its thickness. So, for example, a better quality steel will have a consistent gauge to prevent deformation or weak spots. 


The metal content of an ore measured in grams per tonne or as a percentage.

Grey Iron

Basic form of cast iron that is relatively easy and inexpensive to produce. Grey iron is suitable for making a wide range of castings including valve, pump, rail and auto applications.


Involves grinding the top and/or bottom of carbon or alloy steel plate or bars into close tolerance.

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