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The Kallanish Glossary aims to be a useful resource for complex industry specific terminology. We are constantly adding to our glossary, so if you have a suggestion or amendment please do get in touch.

This stands for oil country tubular goods and refers to the group of steel tube products (both seamless and welded) used in vertical oil well applications such as casing, drill pipe, and well tubing.

Open Hearth Furnace

The process of making steel by heating the metal in the hearth of a regenerative furnace. Heat is supplied from a large, luminous flame over the surface, and the refining takes seven to nine hours. 

Organic Coated

Organic coating describes the paint or varnish which is applied as an extra corrosion protection layer to products typically made from zinc-coated sheet.

Oxidising Atmosphere

An oxidising atmosphere contains sufficient oxygen to combine, or oxidise, with certain other elements if they are present. An oxidising atmosphere is key to the success of the basic oxygen steelmaking process for converting liquid pig iron into steel. Oxygen is blown through the molten iron in the BOF vessel, where it combines with and removes unwanted carbon as carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide.

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